US Urges China To Respect Taiwan’s Election Integrity Amid Xi Jinping’s Push For Reunification

As Taiwan prepares for its forthcoming presidential and parliamentary elections, the U.S. has urged China to respect Taiwan’s integrity. This call for non-interference comes from a high-ranking Biden administration official as tensions increase between the two neighbors.

A high-ranking Biden administration official stated on Wednesday that the U.S. opposes any outside influence in the Taiwanese elections set for Jan. 13. This declaration comes amid a sensitive period in US-China relations following the recent restoration of military ties between the two nations.

The official underscored that Washington remains neutral in Taiwan’s democratic process, declaring, “We oppose any outside interference or influence in Taiwan’s elections. Irrespective of the election outcome, our policy toward Taiwan will remain unchanged and our robust unofficial relationship will persist.”

Tensions between Taiwan and China have been escalating, with a recent incident involving a Chinese satellite flying over Taiwan sparking political unrest. The US official warned that any disruption to peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait could potentially harm the global economy.

Following these developments, the US intends to dispatch an unofficial delegation to Taiwan post-elections, in line with its ‘One China’ policy. The Deputy National Security Adviser, Jon Finer, recently met with Liu Jianchao, a top Chinese official. They engaged in “candid and constructive discussions” on various global pressure points, including the rising tensions over Taiwan and the South China Sea.

This news comes amid rising tensions surrounding Taiwan’s status. Earlier, Chinese President Xi Jinping told U.S. President Joe Biden about his firm intention to reunify Taiwan with China. However, he expressed a desire for peaceful reunification and dismissed U.S. military leaders’ predictions of China gaining control over Taiwan by 2025 or 2027.

Taiwan’s ruling party presidential candidate, Lai Ching Te, pledged to maintain the status quo while emphasizing peace through strength in his dealings with Beijing. This stance comes despite increasing U.S. support for Taiwan, which has drawn severe warnings from China.

In retaliation to recent U.S. arms sales to Taiwan, China earlier this month also announced sanctions against five American military manufacturers.

The U.S. urging China to respect Taiwan’s integrity and its declaration of opposing outside interference in Taiwan’s elections highlights the importance of maintaining peace and stability in the region. The U.S. remains committed to its unofficial relationship with Taiwan and intends to continue its involvement in the region post-elections. As tensions continue to rise, it is crucial for all parties involved to seek peaceful resolutions and avoid actions that could escalate the situation further. The outcome of the Taiwanese elections and future developments will undoubtedly have significant implications for the region and the global economy.

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