Bears once again do the minimum in most backward way possible

Title: The Chicago Bears’ Questionable Decisions: A Recipe for Organizational Chaos


The Chicago Bears have made a series of questionable decisions that have left fans and experts scratching their heads. From keeping underperforming defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus to the awkward firing of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy, the Bears’ lack of vision and stability is evident. In this article, we will delve into the various missteps that have plagued the Bears and analyze the potential consequences of their actions.

Matt Eberflus’ Ineffectiveness

Despite a string of failures, Matt Eberflus was inexplicably allowed to keep his job as the Bears’ defensive coordinator. Eberflus wasted training camp, resulting in numerous injuries that hindered the team’s performance. The Bears started the season with an abysmal 0-4 record, highlighting Eberflus’ lack of preparedness. Furthermore, he blew multiple double-digit fourth-quarter leads, demonstrating a lack of strategic decision-making and game management skills. These failures alone should have warranted his dismissal.

Offensive Coordinator Luke Getsy’s Incompetence

The firing of offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was long overdue. Getsy consistently failed to showcase quarterback Justin Fields’ talents throughout the season. His playcalling was often questionable, and he frequently leaked negative information about Fields to the media, shifting blame away from his own shortcomings. The Bears’ offensive staff overhaul is a step in the right direction, but the awkward manner in which it was executed raises concerns about the team’s decision-making process.

The Unsettling Dynamics

With the firing of Getsy and the impending hiring of a new offensive coordinator, the Bears’ coaching staff dynamics become increasingly complicated. It remains unclear who will oversee the hiring process, as Eberflus’ questionable track record in assembling a reliable coaching staff raises doubts about his ability to make sound decisions. This uncertainty creates an uncomfortable power dynamic where an assistant coach could potentially hold more influence and job security than the head coach himself.

The Intriguing OC Job

On the surface, the Bears’ offensive coordinator job may seem attractive, especially with the potential of a fresh new quarterback or a trade for significant draft capital. However, the lack of clarity surrounding the team’s plans for the quarterback position and their overall vision raises concerns. Prospective candidates may be hesitant to join a team where the head coach’s job security is in question, potentially leaving the new OC in a precarious position.

Lack of Vision and Stones

The Bears’ history of indecisiveness and lack of vision is evident in their recent actions. The case for removing Eberflus was clear, yet the organization chose to retain him, perpetuating the chain of command issues that have plagued the team. The lack of a solid, linear structure within the organization undermines stability and inhibits progress. This lack of direction and willingness to take risks could potentially lead to another organizational implosion and the need to start over once again.


The Chicago Bears’ recent decisions have raised concerns about the team’s ability to build a successful and stable organization. From retaining underperforming coaches to questionable firing practices, the Bears’ lack of vision and clarity is evident. While there is still a path to redemption with their high draft pick and ample cap space, the organization must address its decision-making process and strive for stability and clarity moving forward. Only then can the Bears build a roster that can overcome their organizational missteps and establish a winning culture.

Bear Down.

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