UK Government Agency Denies FKA Twigs’ Double Standards Claim Over CK Ad

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In the article titled “FKA Twigs’ Calvin Klein Ad Banned in the UK: Double Standard or Justified?” published on TMZ, the author discusses the controversy surrounding the ban of FKA Twigs’ Calvin Klein ad in the UK. The article includes several sections, each represented by a


The first

contains an image block with a picture of FKA Twigs and Kendall Jenner. The image is linked to a larger version of the picture.

The second

provides a brief introduction to the topic, stating that FKA Twigs suggested the ban was a double standard and hinted at race being a factor. However, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) denies this claim.

The third

explains that the ASA’s decision to ban the ad was based on their responsibility and offense rules. FKA Twigs’ ad was deemed to have objectification and inappropriate targeting, which violated these rules.

The fourth

includes a placeholder for an Instagram media block, indicating that the article is awaiting permission to load the media.

The fifth

discusses the specifics of the ad in question, comparing it to Kendall Jenner’s similar CK ad. The author points out that while Kendall’s ad was allowed, FKA Twigs’ ad was banned due to its revealing nature.

The sixth

features another image block, this time showcasing FKA Twigs and Jeremy Allen White. The image is linked to a larger version.

The seventh

mentions Jeremy Allen White’s recent CK ad, which has also sparked discussions on double standards. The article suggests that the controversy surrounding both ads highlights inconsistencies in the ASA’s decisions.

The eighth

highlights the ASA’s stance, stating that they understand the fine line between what may cause offense but ultimately, it is their responsibility to make the final call.

The ninth

includes a gallery block, linking to a gallery of celebrities wearing Calvin Klein underwear.

The final

concludes the article by reiterating that the ad ban was solely based on advertising rules and not influenced by race, sex, or any other factors.

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