Madison Cawthorn Says He Loved Getting Roasted In Dave Chappelle Comedy Special

Title: Dave Chappelle Takes Aim at People with Disabilities: Madison Cawthorn Reacts


In his latest Netflix comedy special, “The Dreamer,” Dave Chappelle has once again sparked controversy by joking about people with disabilities. One of his targets, former Congressman Madison Cawthorn, has come forward to defend Chappelle’s jokes, asserting that they were fair game due to his status as a public figure. This article explores Cawthorn’s response to Chappelle’s comedy and the broader debate surrounding the boundaries of humor.

Living in a Free Society

Madison Cawthorn, who became partially paralyzed in a car accident in 2014, has expressed his support for Dave Chappelle’s comedic take on his disability. Cawthorn argues that Chappelle’s jokes are an integral part of living in a free society, where public figures are subject to satire and critique. By embracing Chappelle’s humor, Cawthorn suggests that society can foster an environment that values both freedom of speech and the ability to laugh at oneself.

Chappelle’s Jokes and the Boundaries of Humor

One of the jokes Chappelle made about Cawthorn in “The Dreamer” involved a memorable encounter where Chappelle deliberately skipped in front of him, highlighting Cawthorn’s inability to walk. While some may find such humor offensive, Cawthorn maintains that it is essential to differentiate between personal attacks and jokes targeting public personas. As a former Congressman, Cawthorn believes he falls into the latter category and should be open to criticism and satire.

Cawthorn’s Appreciation for Comedy and Chappelle

Despite being the subject of Chappelle’s jokes, Cawthorn is an avid fan of the comedian. He attended one of Chappelle’s shows in Tampa, which happened to be filmed for the Netflix special. Cawthorn’s presence surprised Chappelle, who invited him backstage after the show, introducing him to his family and offering him drinks. This interaction showcases the mutual respect and admiration between Chappelle and Cawthorn, despite the jokes made at the latter’s expense.

The Larger Context: Controversial Topics and Comedy

Chappelle’s comedy special, “The Dreamer,” tackles various controversial topics, including transgender people and Lil Nas X. While some argue that Chappelle’s jokes perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to the marginalization of already vulnerable communities, Cawthorn remains unfazed. He believes that comedy can be a powerful tool to spark conversations and challenge societal norms. By laughing at oneself and embracing humor, Cawthorn suggests that society can navigate sensitive topics more openly.


Dave Chappelle’s latest comedy special, “The Dreamer,” has once again ignited debates about the boundaries of humor and the responsibility of comedians. Madison Cawthorn, one of Chappelle’s targets, has defended the jokes made at his expense, claiming that they are fair game due to his status as a public figure. Cawthorn’s response highlights the importance of distinguishing between personal attacks and satire targeting public personas. Ultimately, the controversy surrounding Chappelle’s comedy raises essential questions about the role of humor in shaping societal discourse and challenging established norms.

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