Ty Law Says J.J. McCarthy Will Be Greatest Michigan QB Ever If He Beats Washington

J.J. McCarthy Could Become the Best Michigan Quarterback Ever, According to Ty Law

If J.J. McCarthy manages to lead the Michigan Wolverines to victory against Washington on Monday night, he will go down in history as the best quarterback the team has ever seen. At least, that’s the opinion of Pro Football Hall of Famer and former Michigan star, Ty Law.

Law made his thoughts clear in a recent interview with TMZ Sports, stating that all McCarthy needs to do now is beat the Huskies to claim the title of UM G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). Law believes that if McCarthy can bring home the College Football Playoff (CFP) trophy to Ann Arbor, his resume will surpass those of other great Michigan quarterbacks such as Tom Brady, Chad Henne, Elvis Grbac, and Jim Harbaugh.

The confidence in McCarthy stems from his impressive record as a starter, boasting a 26-1 win-loss record and a perfect record against Ohio State. These accomplishments have caught the attention of both fans and former players, with even Jim Harbaugh, the head coach of the Wolverines, declaring McCarthy as the best quarterback in the team’s history after their Rose Bowl win over Alabama.

While there may not be many who would argue against Law’s assessment, the final verdict on McCarthy’s legacy will be determined by his performance on the field. If he can lead the Wolverines to victory in the CFP, he will stand alone as the only undefeated quarterback in the program’s history.

Regardless of the outcome, Law is eagerly anticipating the game and plans to show his support by talking smack and sipping on a glass of his own Corvus vodka. Law designed this spirit, which helps Pro Football Hall of Famers in need, and he will be enjoying it throughout the contest.

Monday night’s game against Washington will undoubtedly be a defining moment for J.J. McCarthy and his legacy as a Michigan quarterback. Whether he can live up to the expectations and surpass the achievements of his predecessors remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, the eyes of Wolverines fans and football enthusiasts alike will be fixed on McCarthy as he attempts to make history.

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