Blueface Now Owes $14 Million in Las Vegas Shooting Payout, Interest Accruing

Blueface Escapes Jail Time but Owes Millions to Strip Club Owner

Rapper Blueface, known for his hit songs and controversial behavior, has managed to avoid jail time in his Las Vegas shooting case. However, his debt to the owner of the shuttered strip club involved in the incident continues to grow.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, Euphoric Gentleman’s Club was awarded a $13,072,482 judgment against Blueface in October 2023. Unfortunately for the club owner, the judgment remains unpaid, and with accrued interest, the total amount due has now reached a staggering $14,386,164.23.

The judge handling the case sentenced Blueface to probation after he took a plea deal for his role in the November 2022 shooting. Despite avoiding jail time, the rapper was ordered to pay over $12 million for the venue’s lost revenue and an additional $84,000 to cover lost wages for the employees.

The owner of Euphoric Gentleman’s Club expressed his frustration with Blueface and his associates at the time of the incident, vowing to make the rapper pay off the debt until the day he leaves this earth. However, it seems that Instagram likes and popularity do not enforce court orders.

While the situation may seem dire for Blueface, there is a silver lining for him. The interest on the unpaid judgment continues to accumulate, potentially working in his favor.

In recent news, Blueface made headlines for purchasing a house for his child’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis. This suggests that while he may be spending money, he is doing so selectively.

The ongoing legal battle and mounting debt serve as a reminder that actions have consequences, even for high-profile individuals. It remains to be seen how Blueface will address his financial obligations and the impact they will have on his career and personal life.

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