Texas A&M stoops to new low by unhiring Mark Stoops amid fan revolt

Texas A & M’s failed attempt to hire Mark Stoops as their new head coach has left the program and its fanbase in disarray. After rumors circulated that Stoops would be leaving Kentucky to take over at Texas A & M, fans began to burn their jerseys in protest. However, it soon became clear that the deal was not as close to being finalized as initially thought.

The rumors were fueled by reports from reputable sources such as Bruce Feldman and Nicole Auerbach, causing Texas A & M message boards to explode with excitement. But just as quickly as the excitement grew, it was extinguished when ESPN’s Pete Thamel debunked the rumors.

Eventually, Stoops put an end to the speculation by announcing that he would remain at Kentucky. This decision came as a surprise to many, especially considering the lack of financial incentives offered to him by the Wildcats. It remains to be seen how this failed attempt to hire Stoops will impact his reputation and recruiting efforts moving forward.

For Texas A & M, this failed coaching search is a reminder of the challenges they face as a program. The fanbase’s overconfidence, stemming from the Johnny Manziel era, has led them to believe that only coaches with national championships or playoff appearances on their resumes are worthy of leading the team. This unrealistic expectation has made it difficult for the program to find a suitable replacement for Jimbo Fisher.

Texas A & M should be targeting up-and-coming coaching prospects who have proven themselves in smaller programs. Instead, their delusions of grandeur have led them to pursue coaches like Stoops, who has had success at Kentucky but is not considered an elite coach in the eyes of many. This misguided approach has resulted in missed opportunities and public embarrassment for the program.

In contrast, Stoops has built a successful program at Kentucky with far fewer resources than Texas A & M. His tenure has seen intermittent 10-win seasons, making him the most successful coach in the history of Kentucky football. Yet, Texas A & M’s pursuit of him suggests that they are more interested in big names and flashy hires than coaches who have a proven track record of success.

Overall, Texas A & M’s failed attempt to hire Mark Stoops serves as a reminder of the challenges the program faces and the need for a more realistic approach to coaching hires. The program should focus on finding coaches who can build a winning culture and develop players, rather than chasing after big names that may not deliver the desired results. Only time will tell if Texas A & M can learn from this experience and make more informed decisions in the future.

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