Democratic Senator Proposes Attaching Strings To US Aid For Israel: ‘You Can Defeat Hamas Without This Level Of Civilian Casualty’

A recent proposal by U.S. Senator Chris Murphy has sparked a debate about the future of American aid to Israel. Murphy suggests that aid should be linked to Israel’s compliance with international humanitarian law. This proposal comes in response to concerns over civilian casualties in Gaza and the need for Israel to adhere to international law.

During a CNN interview, Murphy emphasized that conditioning aid to allies based on compliance with U.S. and international law is a common practice. He believes that it is possible to defeat Hamas without causing such high levels of civilian casualties. Murphy’s comments reflect a growing inclination among some Democrats, including potentially President Joe Biden, to rethink the “unconditional aid” approach to Israel’s $14.3 billion aid package. While Biden considers the idea of conditional aid “worthwhile,” he stresses the importance of a balanced approach.

The proposal by Senator Murphy comes at a crucial time as the U.S. reviews its foreign aid policies. It has stirred a debate on the conditions under which aid is provided. Senator Bernie Sanders has also called for an end to unconditional funding for Israel’s security, stating that the U.S. cannot be complicit in actions that violate international law and decency.

However, Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, clarified that the President is not suggesting additional restrictions on aid. Sullivan highlighted the effectiveness of Biden’s diplomacy in securing a temporary cease-fire in Gaza. Representative Ro Khanna also pointed out that U.S. law already requires adherence to international law for recipients of military aid. Khanna emphasized the need for the State Department to ensure that U.S. aid doesn’t contribute to human rights violations globally.

The proposal by Senator Murphy raises important questions about the role of international law in determining aid allocation. It highlights the need for a balanced approach that considers both Israel’s security concerns and the protection of civilian lives. As the U.S. continues to review its foreign aid policies, the debate over conditional aid to Israel is likely to intensify.

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