T.I. Goes Off on Club Owners for Promo Flyer Of Him & Son King’s Fight

T.I. Shuts Down Club Trying to Profit off Viral Spat with Son King

T.I. recently showed that he’s not one to mess with when it comes to his family. The rapper made it clear that he wouldn’t stand for a club trying to capitalize on the recent viral incident involving him and his son, King.

The father-son duo had been scheduled to appear at Atlanta’s Elleven45 Lounge for its “R&B Wednesdays” event. However, just a day before the event, T.I. discovered that the promotional flyer for the event featured a photoshopped image of him holding King in a headlock.

The image was meant to poke fun at King’s outburst during the Atlanta Falcons game, where he expressed his frustration with his parents. However, T.I. was not amused and immediately confronted the club owners, making it clear that the flyer was not acceptable.

In his outrage, T.I. asserted that Atlanta was still his city and that regardless of whether the club owners were locals or outsiders, they would have to abide by his rules. He threatened to cancel the appearance unless the flyer was changed.

Luckily, T.I.’s fury worked, and the club promoter quickly revised the flyer. The event went on as planned, and T.I., King, and his other son, Domani, all attended the event. The family appeared to be in good spirits, putting the incident behind them.

This incident highlights the importance of respecting boundaries, especially when it comes to family. T.I. made it clear that he wouldn’t tolerate anyone trying to profit off a personal situation involving his children. It serves as a reminder that celebrities are still human beings who deserve privacy and respect.

T.I. has always been known for his strong family values, and this incident further solidifies his commitment to protecting his loved ones. It’s a lesson that other individuals and establishments should take to heart – don’t mess with T.I. and his family.

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