Warren Moon Praises Michael Penix Jr., ‘This Guy Throws As Pretty A Ball As Mine’

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The article begins by introducing Warren Moon and his high praise for Michael Penix Jr. It mentions that Moon believes Penix Jr. throws as pretty a ball as his own. The article also highlights that Moon believes Penix Jr. could be the second-ranked quarterback in the 2024 NFL Draft.

The article then goes on to describe Penix Jr.’s performance in the Sugar Bowl against Texas and mentions that Moon expects him to dazzle the college football world in the national championship game against Michigan.

Moon explains that Penix Jr.’s abilities may be underestimated due to the location of the University of Washington and the Pac-12’s TV deal. He believes that once the scouting process and Pro Day evaluations take place, Penix Jr. will impress with his arm talent.

The article includes images of Penix Jr. and provides further quotes from Moon, praising the quarterback’s performance and predicting success for the University of Washington in the national championship game.

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