Ron DeSantis is not going to curry any sympathy to FSU’s cause

The latest misadventure in Florida involves Governor Ron DeSantis and his role as an unofficial mascot for a campaign called Stop the Snub. The campaign was initiated by the people of Tallahassee after the selection committee snubbed Florida State for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

It’s hard to understand why anyone would choose DeSantis, a man who is reviled by many Americans outside of Florida, as an empathetic figure to lead their protest. He is known for his controversial actions and statements, such as waging war on the LGBTQ+ community and Disneyworld.

In a further attempt to pander to his base, DeSantis announced a $1 million donation to Florida State’s upcoming legal fight against the NCAA. However, it seems unlikely that FSU will successfully sue its way into the field of four, making DeSantis’ donation ultimately pointless. Even if the university wins its case, it’s doubtful that the money will go towards helping FSU students with their college loans.

DeSantis has shown a lack of empathy and understanding when it comes to important issues, such as student loans. He suggested that if someone defaults on their loan, the university should pick up the tab and that there would be fewer gender studies programs if universities were financially responsible for their students’ loans. These statements demonstrate his disregard for marginalized communities and his focus on divisive issues.

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where DeSantis and a group of protestors clad in garnet and gold show up in Indianapolis to march on NCAA headquarters. It seems that this campaign is more about DeSantis trying to prove his qualifications for the presidency than actually overturning the decision.

If the goal is to actively turn people away from a cause, DeSantis would be the person to call. He is not a figure that inspires sympathy or support. In fact, he is more likely to invoke negative emotions and opposition. If there was ever a need for a face to bankrupt a company or make children cry, DeSantis would be the perfect choice. But when it comes to gaining sympathy after being snubbed for the College Football Playoff, anyone but DeSantis would be a better option.

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