Bam Margera Scores Monitored Visitation with Son, Plans Christmas Meetup

Bam Margera Granted Visitation with Son for Christmas

In a recent development, Bam Margera has been granted the opportunity to see his son for Christmas. This comes after the former “Jackass” star achieved a significant milestone in his sobriety journey. According to reports, Margera has been given monitored visitation rights with his son, Phoenix.

David Glass, the attorney representing Margera’s estranged wife, Nikki, confirmed the news. He revealed that Margera can now see Phoenix with a professional supervisor whenever he is in Southern California, where Nikki and their son reside. However, no specific dates for visitation have been set at this time.

Margera, who has not seen Phoenix in person for over 200 days, is determined to spend quality time with his son during the Christmas season. It coincides with Phoenix’s birthday, adding even more significance to the occasion. Margera plans to fly to Los Angeles this month, where he will be attending an event, and intends to make the most of his time with his son. He has also prepared a sack full of presents for Phoenix.

The legal drama surrounding Margera has prevented him from giving the $5,000 worth of gifts he purchased for his son until now. However, with the visitation rights granted, Margera is eager to make up for lost time and create lasting memories with Phoenix.

Margera’s recent achievement of over 100 days of sobriety played a significant role in the court’s decision to grant him visitation rights. The judge overseeing his divorce case closely monitored his progress and deemed him fit for visitation due to his sobriety.

The next step for Margera is to inform Nikki of his intentions and work out the logistics of spending time with Phoenix. With the green light given, Margera is hopeful that this Christmas will be one to remember for both him and his son.

In conclusion, Bam Margera’s milestone in sobriety has paved the way for him to reunite with his son, Phoenix, during the upcoming Christmas season. After a prolonged period of separation, Margera is determined to make the most of this visitation opportunity and create lasting memories with his son.

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