Remember when the Eagles were Super Bowl contenders?

The Philadelphia Eagles’ fall from grace has been nothing short of astonishing. Just a few months ago, they were being hailed as potential Super Bowl contenders, with a young and promising quarterback in Jalen Hurts and a strong offense. However, their recent performances have exposed the team’s flaws and raised questions about their true potential.

In their first 11 games of the season, the Eagles went an impressive 10-1. They were riding high, with Jalen Carter being compared to the legendary Aaron Donald and their offensive play, the “tush push,” being widely debated. But since November 26, they have won only once, and their chances of clinching the NFC East Championship have dwindled.

One of the team’s most significant struggles has been their offense. Jalen Hurts, who showed great promise in previous games, has been hampered by a lingering knee injury, which has made him less mobile on the field. As a result, his performance has declined, with fewer rushing attempts and a lower average per attempt. Additionally, injuries to key players like Dallas Goedert have further weakened the offense, leading to a three-week stretch in December without scoring 20 points.

However, the Eagles’ biggest problem lies in their defense. They currently have the sixth-worst defense in the NFL, according to DVOA. Throughout the season, they have dealt with multiple injuries in their defensive backfield, which has severely impacted their ability to defend against passing plays. Despite having a high number of pressures, they still allow a significant amount of passing yards.

The Eagles’ recent loss to the New York Giants highlighted their struggles both mentally and physically. With no belief that the Dallas Cowboys would lose, and key players like A.J. Brown and Jalen Hurts dealing with injuries, the team appeared to lack focus and motivation. It’s possible that these injuries, combined with an already reeling team, have further contributed to their downfall.

As they head into the wild-card game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Eagles face an uphill battle. Their previous meeting with the Buccaneers in the playoffs last season resulted in a 31-0 defeat, exposing their offensive weaknesses. Now, with a struggling defense and an offense that has lost its spark, the Eagles must find a way to regroup and rediscover their winning form.

The fall of the Philadelphia Eagles serves as a cautionary tale in the NFL. It’s a reminder that a strong start to the season does not guarantee success, and that injuries and defensive weaknesses can quickly derail a team’s hopes of making a deep playoff run. As the Eagles look to bounce back, they must address these issues and find a way to reclaim their former glory. Otherwise, they risk becoming another forgotten team in the annals of NFL history.

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