Musk’s X Faces Probe in Europe Over Handling of Illegal Content, Disinformation

Title: Elon Musk’s Social Media Platform X Faces European Probe Over Content Handling


Elon Musk’s social media platform, X, formerly known as Twitter, will be subjected to a formal investigation in Europe regarding its handling of illegal content and disinformation. This probe will serve as a significant test for the European Union’s new online content law, the Digital Services Act, which recently came into effect. The legislation mandates that major online platforms take measures to combat illegal content, provide users with a means to file complaints about moderation decisions, and adhere to various other guidelines.

The European Commission’s Formal Infringement Proceeding:

On Monday, the European Commission, the executive arm of the European Union, announced the initiation of a formal infringement proceeding against X. This move reflects the EU’s commitment to ensuring compliance with the Digital Services Act. The investigation will focus on evaluating X’s actions and policies related to illegal content and disinformation, which have become pressing concerns in the digital age.

The Digital Services Act and Its Objectives:

The Digital Services Act, which became effective earlier this year, aims to regulate the online activities of major platforms operating within the European Union. Its primary goal is to protect users from harmful content, safeguard their freedom of expression, and establish a fair and transparent digital environment. By imposing specific obligations on online platforms, the legislation seeks to strike a balance between user rights and the need for responsible content moderation.

Addressing Illegal Content and Disinformation:

One of the key provisions of the Digital Services Act is the requirement for online platforms to take proactive measures to combat illegal content. This includes removing or disabling access to content that is deemed illegal under EU law, such as hate speech, incitement to violence, and child exploitation. The Act also emphasizes the importance of countering disinformation by promoting transparency in algorithmic processes and labeling or demoting misleading or false information.

User Complaints and Moderation Decisions:

To ensure accountability and transparency, the Act obliges platforms to establish user-friendly mechanisms for filing complaints about content moderation decisions. Users should have the opportunity to challenge decisions that they believe are incorrect or biased. This provision aims to foster a more inclusive and participatory digital space, where users’ voices are heard and considered in the moderation process.

The Significance of the Probe:

The investigation into X’s handling of illegal content and disinformation is of considerable importance as it represents the first test of the European Union’s new online content law. The outcome of this probe will provide insights into the effectiveness of the Digital Services Act and may shape future actions against platforms that fail to comply with the legislation’s requirements. It also highlights the EU’s commitment to ensuring a safe and responsible digital environment for its citizens.


Elon Musk’s social media platform X is set to undergo a formal probe by the European Commission over its handling of illegal content and disinformation. This investigation will serve as a litmus test for the European Union’s Digital Services Act, signaling the bloc’s determination to enforce regulations surrounding online content. By holding major platforms accountable for their actions and encouraging user participation, the Act aims to create a more transparent and responsible digital landscape. The outcomes of this probe will be closely watched as they could have far-reaching implications for the future of online content regulation in Europe.

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