Euro Weed: Germany’s Medical Marijuana Associations Seek Easier Access, Ukraine To Tax Hemp & More

Europe is experiencing a shift in attitudes towards cannabis, with several countries making significant developments in both the medical and recreational marijuana sectors. In this article, we will explore the latest cannabis updates from the United Kingdom, Germany, Malta, and Ukraine.

United Kingdom: Online Pharmacies Selling Restricted Drugs Without Proper Checks, GP’s Approval

A recent investigation by the BBC has revealed that as many as 20 online pharmacies in the UK are selling restricted drugs without robust checks, including GP approval. The BBC was able to purchase over 1,600 various prescription-only pills by reporting false data. This raises concerns about the ease of access to potentially dangerous medications.

Thorrun Govind, a pharmacist, health lawyer, and former chair of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, described the situation as the “wild west” of buying medicines on the web. Out of the 20 businesses investigated, nine pharmacies were found to be selling anti-anxiety drugs without additional checks, while others required medical records or proof of prescription. The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has called for regulators to take action and implement further safeguards for the online sale of medicines.

Germany: Medical Marijuana Associations Call for Easier Access to Medicine

In Germany, medical marijuana associations are advocating for easier access to medicine. The federal government has instructed the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA) to change the drug directive regarding the approval requirement for medical marijuana. The aim is to define specific specialist groups and necessary qualifications, removing approval requirements for certain medical professionals.

Currently, medical marijuana expenses for those under statutory health insurance are only reimbursed if prior approval is given by the health insurance company. This process is lengthy and bureaucratic, resulting in a high percentage of applications being denied. The proposed changes would make medical marijuana more accessible to patients in need.

Malta: Cannabis Community Seeks to Increase Limit on Dried Flower, Concerns Around HHC Products

In Malta, the cannabis community is petitioning the Authority for the Responsible Use of Cannabis (ARUC) to increase the 500-gram limit on dried cannabis flower for cannabis harm reduction associations (CHRAs). The community argues that the current limit is “impractical and rigid” and may lead to legal infractions for the associations.

The community is calling for a reassessment of these limits to ensure they meet the needs of the cannabis community and the operational capacities of CHRAs. Additionally, ARUC has expressed concerns about the easy access to semi-synthetic cannabinoid products, particularly HHC, which are not regulated and do not occur naturally in the cannabis plant. The authority warns about the potential risks associated with the use of these products.

Ukraine: Ministry of Finance Working on Proposals for Hemp Taxation

Following the legalization of medical marijuana in Ukraine, the Ministry of Finance is reviewing the prospect of taxing hemp production. The chairman of the tax committee, Danilo Hetmantsev, believes that hemp could be a lifeline for the Ukrainian budget. However, he suggests not taxing hemp production in the same way as wheat production and instead considering European taxation standards.

The move to tax hemp production comes as Ukraine embraces the potential benefits of the cannabis industry. By implementing appropriate taxation measures, the country can generate revenue while supporting the growth of the hemp sector.

In conclusion, Europe is witnessing significant developments in the cannabis industry. From concerns about the online sale of restricted drugs in the UK to calls for easier access to medical marijuana in Germany and the reassessment of limits for cannabis associations in Malta, these countries are actively adapting their cannabis policies. Additionally, Ukraine is exploring the possibility of taxing hemp production to boost its budget. These updates indicate a growing acceptance and recognition of the potential benefits of cannabis across Europe.

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