Meghan Markle Skips ‘Suits’ Reunion at Globes, Not on Cast Group Chat

There was a big “Suits” reunion at the Golden Globes this weekend, bringing together some of the beloved cast members from the hit TV show. However, one notable absence was Meghan Markle, who played a significant role in the series before her marriage to Prince Harry and departure from Hollywood.

During the Golden Globes broadcast, Patrick Adams, Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, and Gina Torres took the stage together to present an award. Initially, it was just Adams and Macht joking about the show’s success since it started streaming. The audience responded with laughter, appreciating the reference to the show’s resurgence. Later, to the surprise of many fans, the female cast members joined them on stage, creating a memorable moment.

However, Meghan Markle’s absence was keenly felt by fans who were disappointed that she didn’t make an appearance. Considering her significant role in “Suits,” it’s understandable that her absence left a void in the reunion.

Interestingly, even before the show started, Gina Torres revealed an intriguing detail about the current state of the cast’s relationship. During an interview with Variety, Torres was asked if she and her “Suits” co-stars maintained regular contact. She mentioned that they have a group chat but revealed that Meghan Markle is not a part of it. While this alone doesn’t suggest a fractured relationship, it does indicate that Markle has perhaps moved on to her own world.

Given that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are forging their own path post-Royal split, there are speculations about whether she would consider a comeback in showbiz. If she were considering it, the Golden Globes reunion would have been a perfect opportunity for her to dip her toe back into the entertainment industry. Unfortunately, she did not take advantage of the occasion, leaving fans wondering if she has any plans to return to acting.

It’s worth noting that Meghan Markle has a dedicated fan base from her time on “Suits.” Many would love to see her back in the lawyers’ office, especially now that talks of a possible reboot are circulating. The door to her return seems wide open, and her comeback could potentially be a significant moment for her career.

As Meghan Markle continues to navigate her new life outside the royal family and explore new avenues, only time will tell if she decides to make a return to acting. Until then, fans can only hope and wait for the Duchess to take the leap and bring her talent back to the screen.

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