DeMeco Ryans is the only choice for NFL Coach of the Year

In the world of the NFL, there are always remarkable stories and accomplishments that capture the attention of fans and analysts alike. One such story this season revolves around DeMeco Ryans, the rookie head coach of the Houston Texans. Under his leadership, the Texans have defied all odds and made it to the postseason, a feat that seemed unimaginable just a year ago.

To fully appreciate Ryans’ achievement, it is important to understand the dire state of the Houston Texans prior to his arrival. The team had long been marred by dysfunction, mismanagement, and a toxic culture. Former head coach Bill O’Brien was widely criticized for his poor decision-making, questionable trades, and strained relationships with players.

Even after O’Brien was fired, the team continued to make puzzling choices in their coaching hires. Interim head coach Romeo Crennel, who managed to win the only four games the Texans won in 2020, was not retained. Instead, David Culley, a relatively unknown coach, was brought in, leading many to speculate that he was merely a diversity hire for the sake of good PR.

Culley’s tenure with the Texans was short-lived, as he was fired after just one season. It was rumored that the team had their sights set on Josh McCown, a former NFL quarterback, as their future head coach. However, those plans were derailed when Brian Flores dropped his class-action lawsuit against the NFL for alleged racist hiring practices. Suddenly, the Texans found themselves hiring Lovie Smith, a Black coach who they also fired after just one season.

Throughout this tumultuous period, racism seemed to be at the core of the Texans’ issues. Former owner Bob McNair infamously made a derogatory comment about players, stating that “we can’t have inmates running the prison.” The franchise was criticized for its treatment of Black coaches and players, perpetuating a culture of discrimination.

Against this backdrop, DeMeco Ryans took charge as the head coach of the Houston Texans. As a former player who once sued the team, Ryans was no stranger to the challenges and obstacles that the organization presented. However, he remained undeterred and determined to turn the franchise around.

Ryans’ impact was felt immediately. He instilled a sense of belief and unity within the team, rallying them to overcome their past failures. With rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud at the helm, the Texans embarked on a remarkable journey to the playoffs, becoming the first team since 2012 to achieve this feat with a rookie coach and quarterback.

The success of Ryans and the Texans cannot be understated. They have defied expectations and shattered the perception that the franchise was destined for failure. Ryans’ ability to lead, inspire, and motivate his players has been instrumental in their transformation.

It is important to recognize the significance of Ryans’ achievement within the context of the team’s troubled history. The Houston Texans have long been plagued by racism and mistreatment of Black coaches and players. Ryans has not only overcome these obstacles but has also proven that he can succeed against all odds.

As fans and analysts debate the merits of various NFL coaches and their accomplishments this season, it is clear that DeMeco Ryans deserves recognition for his remarkable achievement with the Houston Texans. He has not only turned around a struggling franchise but has also defied the systemic issues that have plagued the team for years.

So, let the conversation end here. DeMeco Ryans has proven that he is more than deserving of the accolades and praise that come with leading the Houston Texans to the postseason. His success is a testament to his resilience, leadership, and ability to triumph over adversity.

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