LG Unveils Groundbreaking Transparent OLED TV At CES 2024: ‘An Incredible Feat Of Consumer-Driven Innovation’ – Roku (NASDAQ:ROKU), (LGEIY)

LG Electronics Inc has unveiled its latest innovation in the television market – the LG Signature OLED T. This transparent OLED television is set to be available for purchase by the second half of 2024. The announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024.

The LG Signature OLED T features a transparent OLED panel in the front and an opaque film called a “contrast screen” behind the image. This design creates a traditional TV picture when the contrast screen is unfurled. However, the contrast screen can also be retracted, transforming the TV into a transparent OLED display.

One unique feature of the LG Signature OLED T is the T-Bar, a news and information ticker that resides in the bottom six inches of the screen. This ticker provides various information while the rest of the screen remains transparent, allowing users to stay updated while watching their favorite shows or movies.

LG President of the Home Entertainment Company, Park Hyoung-sei, described the TV as an “incredible feat of consumer-driven innovation.” This new offering comes at a crucial time for LG as it faces stiff competition in the TV market.

Notably, Roku Inc, a major player in the streaming industry, recently announced its entry into the high-end TV market. With the launch of its Pro Series TVs in the spring, Roku aims to challenge established brands like Samsung and LG. Therefore, LG’s release of the LG Signature OLED T is a strategic move to stay competitive and maintain its position in the market.

LG has been actively working to stay ahead in the TV market. In 2023, the company’s LG Display experienced a 17% revenue decline in Q4 due to macroeconomic conditions affecting panel shipments. This new transparent OLED TV is a testament to LG’s commitment to innovation and its determination to provide consumers with cutting-edge technologies.

Overall, the LG Signature OLED T is an exciting addition to LG’s lineup of TVs. Its transparent display and unique features make it a standout product in the market. As consumers eagerly await its release later this year, it will be interesting to see how this new innovation shapes the future of television technology.

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