Ian Ziering’s Biker Brawl, Cops Focused On Potential Felony Vandalism Case

tag is an HTML element that is used to create a division or section in an HTML document. It is a container element that allows you to group other HTML elements together and apply styles or manipulate them as a single unit.

In the given article, the

tag is used in several sections to structure the content and display images and videos. Let’s take a closer look at how it is used:

1. Image Block:
– The first

with the class “image-block” contains an tag that links to an image of Ian Ziering.
– Inside the
tag, there is another

with the class “img-wrapper” that wraps an tag displaying the image.

2. Video Block:
– The

with the class “video-block” contains a video player.
– Inside the

, there is another

with the class “ratio ratio-16×9” that maintains the aspect ratio of the video.
– Inside the ratio div, there is an tag displaying a thumbnail image of the video.

3. Another Image Block:
– Similar to the first image block, this

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