Jake Browning’s GF’s Designer Says Business Booming After Bodysuit Goes Viral

The designer behind the bodysuit that Jake Browning’s girlfriend, Stephanie Niles, wore to a recent Bengals game is experiencing a surge in business after the outfit went viral. Taylor Damron, the designer and Niles’ cousin, says she is now overwhelmed with requests for similar pieces.

Stephanie Niles stole the show at Paycor Stadium with her all-white bodysuit, and the attention it received has led to a high demand for similar outfits. Taylor Damron, who runs Elle and B Creative, says she has been inundated with requests from women who want to recreate Niles’ look. Even socialites have been reaching out to Damron for her designs.

The popularity of the bodysuit has been a surprise for Damron, who never expected it to blow up like this. She admits that she is now struggling to keep up with the demand, as sales have been non-stop since Niles was spotted wearing the outfit.

Damron reveals that each bodysuit takes about an hour to make, and she is hoping that one day Taylor Swift might become a customer. She confesses that she would be starstruck if she ever had the opportunity to create a piece for the famous singer and even jokes about sliding into Swift’s DMs.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on one of these trendy bodysuits, Damron announces that she will be dropping more Bengals versions on her Instagram page this weekend. So keep an eye out for the latest designs.

The success of this viral outfit shows the power of social media in influencing fashion trends. With just one appearance at a football game, Stephanie Niles has become a style icon, and Taylor Damron’s business has skyrocketed as a result. It goes to show that a well-chosen outfit can make a major impact and lead to unexpected opportunities for designers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re a Bengals fan or simply looking to make a statement with your fashion choices, the bodysuit worn by Stephanie Niles is definitely worth considering. Its popularity and demand speak for themselves, and it’s a great way to show off your style and support for your favorite team.

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