Eminem Pleads With Ex-Lions, Now Rams QB Matt Stafford, Let Detroit Beat L.A.

Eminem Calls in a Favor from Rams QB Matt Stafford for Detroit Lions

Eminem, the legendary rapper and avid Detroit Lions fan, is calling in a favor from Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matt Stafford. With the Lions hosting a home playoff game for the first time in 30 years, Eminem is hoping Stafford will let the Lions win on Sunday.

In a video message, Eminem reminded Stafford of their connection, stating, “Stafford, what’d I say? You owe me this favor, bro. I was there for you when you won it. I was right there. I rapped for you Stafford, bro, I rapped for you. Can you just let us have this one? Just this one!”

The favor Eminem is referring to is their collaboration during the halftime show of Super Bowl 56 at SoFi Stadium in 2022. Eminem, along with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, and 50 Cent, delivered one of the best halftime shows in Super Bowl history.

Stafford, who played 12 seasons for the Lions before being traded to the Rams in 2020, showed love for his former team by leading the Rams to a victory against the Cincinnati Bengals. The trade has been considered a success for both organizations, as Stafford has thrived in Los Angeles and the Lions have found success with their new quarterback, Jared Goff.

While anticipation builds for Stafford’s return to Detroit, there has been some controversy surrounding his Lions jersey. Some fans have called for a boycott of the jersey at Ford Field, which didn’t sit well with Stafford’s wife, Kelly.

As Sunday’s game approaches, Eminem is hoping to give the Lions any advantage possible. The Lions have never won a Super Bowl and haven’t won a playoff game since 1992. Eminem’s plea to Stafford is a testament to the dedication and passion of Lions fans who are desperate for a playoff victory.

Whether or not Stafford will grant Eminem’s favor remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure, Eminem will be rooting for his beloved Lions with all his might, hoping to finally see them triumph on the playoff stage.

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