Without Mo Salah, Liverpool could be screwed

Title: Trent Alexander-Arnold’s Miss Haunts Liverpool as Salah Absence Poses New Challenge


Liverpool’s Trent Alexander-Arnold missed a crucial opportunity against Arsenal that could have secured his team’s victory. The missed shot continues to haunt Liverpool fans, as it would have given them a five-point lead at the top of the Premier League table. However, Liverpool’s challenge does not end there, as they now face the absence of their leading scorer and assist provider, Mo Salah, who will be away for the AFCON. This article discusses the impact of Alexander-Arnold’s miss, Liverpool’s reliance on Salah, and the challenges they face in his absence.

Liverpool’s Shaky Prospects

Liverpool’s recent 4-2 victory over Newcastle showcased their attacking prowess, but it also highlighted some underlying issues. Despite accumulating an incredible 34 shots and a 7.11 xG (expected goals), Liverpool struggled to convert their chances into goals. The absence of Salah, who has been instrumental in Liverpool’s attack, raises concerns about their ability to consistently find the back of the net.

Liverpool’s upcoming fixtures without Salah will test their depth and ability to score goals. Bournemouth, previously considered an easy opponent, has proven to be a tougher challenge. Matches against Chelsea and Arsenal also lie ahead, and Liverpool will need players to step up in Salah’s absence. While Harvey Elliott may be tasked with filling Salah’s position, it is unlikely that he can replicate Salah’s ability to create chances out of nothing. Liverpool’s success in the next month will depend on finding another player who can consistently find the back of the net.

Arsenal’s Depth Issues

Arsenal’s recent struggles against West Ham and Fulham have exposed their lack of depth. Mikel Arteta has limited options when it comes to making substitutions during matches. Bringing on Leandro Trossard has been his go-to solution, but it lacks the variety needed to change the course of a game. The same issue is evident in midfield, where Arteta has few alternatives if his preferred trio of Ødegaard, Havertz, and Rice fails to perform.

The lack of options in both attack and midfield puts Arsenal at a disadvantage compared to their title-chasing rivals. Liverpool and Manchester City, for example, have a range of options to choose from that can make an impact off the bench. Arsenal’s squad size, similar to last season, appears to be insufficient to cope with the demands of competing in multiple competitions.

USMNT Update

In terms of the US Men’s National Team (USMNT), goalkeeper Matt Turner has been performing well for Nottingham Forest. However, his lack of regular playing time may hinder his chances of securing a starting spot for the upcoming Copa America. Auston Trusty has cemented his place in Sheffield United’s defense but faces the challenge of playing in a struggling team. Trusty, along with other USMNT players, will be competing for a starting position in the Copa America squad.

Man United’s Inconsistency

Manchester United’s recent comeback win against Aston Villa should not be seen as a sign of sustained success. It is clear that the team lacks a defined style of play and is still searching for a cohesive plan. The team’s midfield struggles were evident in their loss to Nottingham Forest, which highlighted their inability to control the game and make a meaningful impact. While the appointment of a new manager offers hope for improvement, it is important to remain cautious about the team’s future prospects.


Trent Alexander-Arnold’s miss against Arsenal continues to haunt Liverpool fans, but their challenges do not end there. The absence of Mo Salah for the AFCON presents a new hurdle for the team to overcome. Liverpool’s success in the coming weeks will depend on finding alternative sources of goals and maintaining their position at the top of the Premier League table. Meanwhile, Arsenal’s lack of depth in attack and midfield poses challenges for Mikel Arteta as he aims to guide his team to success. The USMNT continues to see its players perform in various leagues, with some making a strong case for inclusion in the Copa America squad. Manchester United’s inconsistency persists, and the team’s future prospects remain uncertain.

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