Darvin Ham could be scapegoat for Lakers’ woes

The Los Angeles Lakers find themselves in a slump, and the blame seems to be falling on head coach Darvin Ham. According to an article by The Athletic, there is a “deepening disconnect” between Ham and the players, with anonymous sources citing his extreme lineup rotation and constant tweaking of the starting lineups as the main issues. This has resulted in a lack of chemistry and rhythm for multiple players on the team.

Despite winning the In-Season Tournament, the Lakers have struggled recently, going 2-8 in their last 10 games and 3-9 since a December 9th victory over the Indiana Pacers. After a disappointing 110-96 loss to the Miami Heat, Austin Reaves described the vibes around the team as “sh*tty.” He attributed their poor performance to shooting just 13 percent from three-point range in that game, stating that such a shooting percentage is not conducive to winning.

Ham, on the other hand, attributes the team’s struggles to injuries and the resulting lack of rhythm. He believes that once the team is fully healthy, they can find a cohesive rotation and get back on track. However, if the Lakers decide to part ways with Ham, it would not come as a surprise. The franchise has had a history of rotating head coaches, with Ham being the seventh head coach since Phil Jackson retired in 2011. Only Frank Vogel and Luke Walton lasted more than two seasons, and both were eventually fired after three.

This pattern of rotating head coaches is not unique to the Lakers but has also been seen throughout LeBron James’ career. James has played under 11 different head coaches in his 21-year career, with only two coaches lasting more than two seasons alongside him. Erik Spoelstra coached the Miami Heat during James’ time there, and he remains the head coach of the team. Mike Brown coached James during his first stint with the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as the first year of his return to Cleveland.

In conclusion, it seems that the Los Angeles Lakers’ recent slump can be attributed to a disconnect between head coach Darvin Ham and the players. The team’s poor performance, particularly in terms of shooting, has led to frustration and a “sh*tty” vibe. While injuries may have played a role, the constant lineup changes and lack of chemistry are the primary concerns. If the Lakers decide to make a coaching change, it would continue a pattern of rotating head coaches that has been seen throughout the franchise’s recent history and LeBron James’ career.

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