Felon Who Attacked Judge Now Isolated in Solitary Confinement

The recent incident in which a felon attacked a judge in Las Vegas has resulted in severe consequences for the perpetrator. In addition to facing multiple new charges, he has been placed in solitary confinement.

The incident occurred when Deobra Redden, a convicted felon, leaped over the bench and physically assaulted Judge Mary Kay Holthus. He punched her in the head and pulled her hair while court staff rushed to her aid. Law enforcement sources have revealed that as a result of his violent outburst, Redden has been moved to a solo cell.

Being classified as a “2C” inmate, Redden is now in the most restrictive classification in the Clark County Jail. This classification means that he is completely isolated from other inmates and has minimal contact with the outside world. He eats alone in his cell and has limited time outside.

The attack on Judge Holthus was shocking, given that Redden was in court for a previous conviction of attempted battery with substantial bodily harm. His attorney had requested parole, but the judge decided to sentence him instead. This decision seemingly triggered the attack.

Fortunately, Judge Holthus suffered minimal harm, although she was understandably shaken by the incident. Another court employee required 25 stitches to close a head wound caused during the attack.

As for Redden, he now faces a range of new charges, including coercion with force or threat of force, extortion, intimidating public officers or others with the use of force, disregard of the safety of person or property, and battery by a prisoner, probationer, or parolee.

The attack on a judge in a courtroom is a serious offense, and it is important for justice to be served in such cases. The consequences faced by Redden highlight the gravity of his actions and serve as a reminder of the importance of maintaining order and respect within the legal system.

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