Zendaya Pics, Mass Unfollow Stir Breakup Buzz But Did NYE with Tom Holland

Zendaya unfollowing everyone on her Instagram, including her boyfriend Tom Holland, has sparked rumors of a potential breakup. However, before we jump to any conclusions, let’s take a closer look at what we know about their recent holiday.

Last week, fans were taken aback when Zendaya decided to hit the unfollow button on every single person on her Instagram account. This move came as a surprise, and she has provided no explanation for her actions. What worried fans the most was the fact that her purge included Tom Holland, raising questions about the status of their relationship. While Tom hasn’t addressed the situation, he is still following Zendaya on social media.

Although this might not be a definitive sign of a breakup, as many people tend to unfollow others for various reasons, there is another piece of information that adds fuel to the speculation. It seems that Zendaya and Tom haven’t been seen together in public for quite some time. The last time they were photographed together was right before Halloween when they were spotted making a grocery run in Los Angeles while wearing masks. Since then, there have been no public sightings of them as a couple.

However, just when fans were starting to worry, the pair was spotted separately in Los Angeles this week. Zendaya was seen driving around town during the day with a friend in the passenger seat, while Tom was spotted at a Members Club in West Hollywood on Wednesday night, seemingly on his own. While this may raise further doubts about their relationship, it’s important to note that their recent solo outings don’t necessarily indicate a breakup.

According to sources close to the couple, they spent New Year’s Eve together, contradicting the idea that they have split. It’s possible that they have chosen to keep their relationship private recently, and just because they haven’t been seen together doesn’t mean they are no longer together. It’s worth noting that they haven’t shared any news of a breakup with their loved ones.

In regards to Zendaya’s mass unfollowing spree, it’s too early to draw any conclusions. Celebrities often use such tactics to grab attention before announcing a new project or to create buzz. Therefore, we can’t say for sure what her intentions were behind this social media move.

So, where does this leave us? We have no concrete evidence to suggest that Zendaya and Tom Holland are still together, but we also don’t have any proof of a breakup. We have reached out to their representatives for clarification, but as of now, there has been no response.

Until we receive further information or confirmation from the couple themselves, all we can do is speculate. It’s essential to remember that celebrities deserve their privacy, and it’s up to them to share their personal lives with the public when they are ready.

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