Zak Bagans Displaying Serial Killer Santa Costume At Museum

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The article discusses a new exhibit at Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. The exhibit features a Santa costume that was once worn by John Edward Robinson, an infamous serial killer. The article includes several sections and images that provide more details about the exhibit and the history of Robinson’s crimes.

The first section of the article includes an image of Zak Bagan and a brief introduction to the exhibit. It mentions that the exhibit will be on display at the museum throughout the holiday season.

The following sections provide more information about the Santa costume and its origins. It is mentioned that the costume was worn by Robinson to children’s parties and other events. Zak Bagan acquired the costume from Robinson’s estate a few years ago.

The article also includes images of the Santa costume and John Edward Robinson. These images provide visual context for the readers and help them understand the significance of the exhibit.

Zak Bagan expresses his discomfort with the exhibit, stating that he is creeped out by owning a serial killer’s costume. He believes that items belonging to such evil individuals should be kept behind bars, which is why he displays the costume in a room built from actual prison bars.

The article concludes by providing some background information on John Edward Robinson’s crimes. Robinson was found guilty of multiple murders and received the death sentence for some of them. He had a particularly chilling method of finding victims through online chat rooms.

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