You, too, can help an Alabama Crimson Tide player in need

You, too, can help an Alabama Crimson Tide player in need

Alabama lost in the Rose Bowl to Michigan and the Crimson Tide’s NIL collective wants your money. Yea Alabama director Aaron Suttles took to Twitter seeking donations for Bama players following the 27-20 overtime college football semifinal.

“In this disappointment, we need to take action,” he said. “We need you to build Alabama’s NIL entity into the biggest in the country. Yea Alabama needs your support.”

Not only does it feel a little strange (and greedy) to beg for donations after a loss, but it is probably being done in order to ensure that not many Alabama players enter into the transfer portal or enter their names in the NFL draft. They want to hold onto their talent in an era of college football where players can go anywhere they want if there is a better offer, and potentially make more money through various NIL deals or collectives at other programs. In order to find solace in losing out on what could have been their 19th national title, the best solution is to pay the players to make them feel better.

“Take that bitter disappointment you have and let’s move into using it for good for NIL,” Suttles said.

Alabama even being in the playoffs in the first place was controversial. The Crimson Tide were ranked fourth by the playoff committee, ahead of undefeated Florida State. The decision created outrage leading to investigations by Florida officials and the school suing the ACC and attempting to leave the conference altogether.

Crimson Tide linebacker Dallas Turner has already declared for the 2024 NFL draft following their loss in the Rose Bowl yesterday, saying, “I’m gone. Ain’t no if’s, ands or buts about it.” It is undetermined how many of his teammates will follow suit, but he won’t be the last player of this Alabama squad to make the jump amid the loss. Even if they will make money with NIL or any other incentives to stay, it might just be time for these Bama players to move on into the next stages of their careers.

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