What’s Next After Mario Movie Success? Zelda Movie Coming, Mario Creator Hints At More Films – Nintendo Co (OTC:NTDOY)

The Super Mario Bros. Movie, released in 2023, has become one of the biggest hits of the year, surpassing the $1 billion milestone at the box office. It is the first film of 2023 to achieve this feat and one of only two films to do so. The success of the movie has prompted speculation about Nintendo’s future plans for monetizing its intellectual property through more films and shows.

Distributed by Comcast Corporation-owned Universal Pictures, The Super Mario Bros. Movie grossed $574.9 million domestically and $1.36 billion globally, making it the second-highest grossing movie of the year in both categories.

The man responsible for the creation of Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto, has played a crucial role in developing games and characters for Nintendo over the years. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Miyamoto hinted at the possibility of more movies and expressed his excitement about exploring unique opportunities for Nintendo beyond video games.

Miyamoto’s involvement in other ventures, such as the theme-park partnership with Universal Studios and the Mario movie, suggests that Nintendo is actively seeking ways to expand its reach beyond gaming. The creator mentioned reading scripts and learning about the movie industry to create uniquely Nintendo films.

The success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie has set several records for animated films and has garnered interest from the cast members themselves. Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, who voiced Mario and Luigi respectively, have shared ideas for potential sequels or a Mario movie universe, including adaptations of Mario games like Mario Golf or Luigi’s Mansion. The movie also featured a post-credits scene that hints at the possibility of a sequel.

Jack Black, who voiced the villain Bowser, expressed his desire to see the character Wario in a potential sequel or even a spinoff movie. While no official sequel has been announced yet, given the success of the film and the potential for further exploration of the Mario universe, it seems likely that a sequel is on the horizon.

In addition to The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Nintendo and Sony Group Corp recently announced a live-action film adaptation of The Legend of Zelda. This further demonstrates Nintendo’s commitment to expanding its presence in the movie industry.

Video game adaptations have become increasingly popular for movie and television studios due to their existing fan bases and available content. The success of The Super Mario Bros. Movie can serve as a catalyst for Nintendo’s future ventures and potentially impact the company’s shares.

Nintendo shares are currently trading at $12.50, with a 52-week range of $9.26 to $12.99. The shares have experienced a 21% increase in the last year and an impressive 82% increase over the last five years.

As Nintendo continues to explore opportunities in the movie industry, fans can anticipate more exciting projects and the potential for a Mario movie universe to expand their favorite characters beyond the gaming world.

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