We’ve seen Klay Thompson overcome the whispers that he’s washed

The Golden State Warriors have been facing a rough start to their season, including a disappointing loss to the Sacramento Kings in the NBA In-Season Tournament. Despite their struggles, the team seems surprisingly calm about their situation, particularly Klay Thompson, who has been facing criticism for his shooting struggles.

Thompson’s shooting has been off in recent games, with many referring to his shots as “bricks” fired at the rim. However, Thompson remains unfazed by the criticism and defiantly responded to a reporter’s question about his shooting struggles. He made it clear that he doesn’t care what people say and that they can’t do what he and his teammates do on the court.

While Thompson’s response earned him some derision from peers and media personalities, it’s important to remember that the early part of the season can be full of mirages. Thompson has faced similar criticism in the past and has always proven his doubters wrong. In past seasons, he has started off slow but eventually found his groove and performed at a high level.

Thompson’s shooting percentages this season may be lower than usual, but it’s too early to judge him based on these numbers alone. He has a history of starting off slow and then picking up his performance as the season progresses. Defensively, he may struggle against quicker guards, but his shooting ability is still elite.

It’s also important to note that Thompson’s shooting struggles are not the sole reason for the Warriors’ current situation. Other factors, including injuries and age catching up to the team, have contributed to their struggles. In fact, in a recent loss, it was Stephen Curry who missed an opportunity to pass the ball to Thompson, who was wide open for a shot.

There are also additional factors to consider, such as tension within the organization regarding Thompson’s expiring contract. The front office has doubts about whether his play justifies a max deal, which has added to the pressure on Thompson.

While there are valid concerns about Thompson’s shooting slump, it’s too early to write off the Warriors’ dynasty or abandon Thompson. He has proven in the past that he can bounce back and perform at a high level. The team still has the upper hand with Thompson, as it is unlikely they will trade one half of the Splash Brothers.

Instead of focusing solely on Thompson, the Warriors should be more concerned about Andrew Wiggins, who has been struggling with inefficiency and is tied to the team with a long-term contract. Thompson’s history suggests that he will find his rhythm and contribute to the team’s success, but Wiggins’ performance is more uncertain.

In conclusion, while the Warriors may be facing challenges and Thompson may be in a shooting slump, it is too early to declare the end of their dynasty. Thompson has a track record of bouncing back, and the team still has the talent to compete with anyone. It’s important to give Thompson time to find his rhythm and not overreact to a small sample size of games.

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