Washington Commanders are this offseason’s most intriguing team

The Washington Commanders are undergoing a significant transformation. With new ownership and a new general manager, the team is poised for a fresh start. The departure of former owner Dan Snyder, who was heavily criticized by fans, has left supporters in the DMV area unsure of what to expect next. It is rare for a professional sports franchise to completely wipe the slate clean, so the Commanders have a lot of crucial decisions to make in the coming months.

One path forward for the team is to hire a reputable general manager who can build the roster and coaching staff. Adam Peters, who previously worked for the San Francisco 49ers, has been brought in as the new GM. It is expected that a young offensive coordinator will also be called up to the big leagues. The organization has shown interest in Houston Texans offensive coordinator Bobby Slowik and Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson. While there may have been some communication between Washington and Peters regarding potential hires, it is uncertain what direction they will ultimately take.

Another option for the Commanders is to pair a young, promising coach with a talented quarterback and allow them to grow together. However, this approach comes with risks. Not all young coordinators and quarterbacks are created equal, and with a first-time owner and GM, there is a lot of inexperience within the organization. Nevertheless, this strategy could be successful, as previous coaching candidates were often chosen based on how they made Snyder feel about himself.

On the other hand, the team could choose to repeat previous mistakes and hire a retread coach who believes they know best despite previous failures. Ron Rivera and Dan Quinn are two examples of coaches who might fall into this category. However, if owner Josh Harris were desperate for immediate success, he would have waited to hire a GM until after making an enticing offer to Bill Belichick, who would likely demand final say on personnel decisions.

Considering these options, there is no middle ground between allowing a GM-down-to-QB learning process and hiring a retread coach. The Commanders have the luxury of a post-Snyder grace period, but opportunities to hit the reset button like this are rare. The team holds the second pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, which presents an intriguing scenario. Harris and Peters must decide whether to be proactive in selecting their top quarterback or let another team make that decision for them.

Among the available head coach openings, the Commanders arguably have the most desirable position. With a fresh start and a passionate fan base eager to support their team, the expectations are simple: be better than Snyder and Rivera. While this bar might not be too difficult to clear, there is an opportunity to set a new standard and bring the team up to the level expected of the Washington football franchise.

In conclusion, the Washington Commanders are at a pivotal moment in their history. With new ownership and a new GM, the team has the chance to rebuild and redefine itself. The decisions made in the coming months will shape the future of the franchise and determine whether they can rise above the mistakes of the past. The Commanders have a unique opportunity to start fresh and create a new standard of success.

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