Trump’s Niece Assess Her Uncle’s Chances For 2024 Ballot With White House Correspondent: ‘He’s Scared To Death Of All The Decisions That Go Against Him’

Amid ongoing discussions about potentially debarring Donald Trump from state primaries, Mary Trump, his niece, and Playboy White House correspondent Brian Karem weighed in. On Thursday, they shared their perspectives on the former president’s likelihood of staying on the ballot for the 2024 general election and delved into what the election could mean for the Republican party.

What Awaits Trump: Donald Trump is unlikely to be on the ballot next November, said Karem as he appeared as a guest on Mary Trump’s Reflections/Hopes series of video interviews. “I am also convinced that at some point next year that since the federal government already controls Alcatraz, that they will just reclaim it as a prison and there will be only one prisoner held there,” the media personality said in jest.

Karem also suggested that the legal losses are hitting Trump harder than anything.

Karem noted that while some in the mainstream media think Trump loves the fact that states are barring him from the ballot, he believes the legal losses are hitting Trump harder than anything.

He also said the former president would likely be in panic mode. ”I think he’s scared to death of this decision. I think he’s scared to death of all the decisions that go against him, and I think he’s in a panic mode,” he said.

GOP Fray Fails To Evince Confidence: Karem also weighed in on the Republican primary candidates. ”I was actually energized by watching the Republican debates because I realized there isn’t anybody on the Republican side that can win an election,” he said.

Aside from Donald Trump, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, and businessman Vivek Ramaswamy are contesting to get the Republican nomination.

Despite Donald Trump’s legal challenges, he is way ahead of his fellow Republicans, going by the results of opinion polls. The national polling average compiled by polling analytics firm FiveThirtyEight shows that 61.2% of the Republican voters favor the former president. DeSantis is a distant second with 11.7% support and the Indian-origin Haley is close behind, with 11% of the survey respondents siding with her.

In conclusion, the debate surrounding Donald Trump’s potential exclusion from state primaries continues to be a topic of discussion. Mary Trump and Brian Karem weighed in on the former president’s likelihood of staying on the ballot for the 2024 general election and the impact it could have on the Republican party. While Trump’s legal challenges may be hitting him hard, he still maintains a significant lead among Republican voters according to opinion polls. As the 2024 election approaches, the political landscape is sure to evolve, and it will be interesting to see how the Republican primary plays out.

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