Trump’s ‘Constructive Conversation’ With Teamsters Adds Twist As Labor Union Mulls 2024 Endorsement — Is Support For Biden’s Re-election Bid At Risk?

Former President Donald Trump recently met with Sean M. O’Brien, the general president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters labor union, at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida. This meeting, part of a series with presidential candidates, gained attention as O’Brien posed for a photo with Trump after having a comprehensive and constructive conversation on worker issues. The Teamsters union, which advocates for 1.3 million workers, including truckers, police, nurses, and film crews, has yet to endorse any candidate for the 2024 election.

This meeting holds significance, especially as President Joe Biden claims to be the most pro-union president. The Teamsters union endorsed Biden in 2020, but they have not yet endorsed any candidate for 2024, according to The New York Times. This indicates that despite Biden’s pro-union measures, such as an executive order mandating project labor agreements for federal contracts exceeding $35 million, the Teamsters union is still considering its options.

It is worth noting that Senator Markwayne Mullin, a staunchly pro-Trump Republican, publicly criticized O’Brien, calling him a “thug,” a “bully,” and a coward. However, the meeting between Trump and O’Brien signifies a significant moment, as it shows that the union is open to engaging with different political figures.

The Teamsters union has also met with other candidates, including former Governor Asa Hutchinson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., but Trump’s meeting stands out. A spokesman for the Biden campaign expressed that the president looks forward to continuing to work with the Teamsters and workers across America to ensure they receive a fair share of the wealth they contribute.

Biden has made efforts to support unions, such as joining a picket line with United Auto Workers members on strike in Michigan, becoming the first sitting president to do so. The administration’s involvement played a role in resolving the strike and aiding other unions in their organizational efforts. However, despite the U.A.W.’s new president expressing admiration for Biden and criticizing Trump, the union has not officially endorsed Biden’s re-election bid.

The Teamsters union’s decision not to endorse a candidate for the 2024 election may contribute to growing frustration within the White House. Sean M. O’Brien’s meeting with Trump adds another layer to this situation. It remains to be seen how the union will navigate the upcoming election and which candidate they will ultimately support.

In conclusion, the meeting between Donald Trump and Sean M. O’Brien of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters labor union has captured attention due to the union’s endorsement of Joe Biden in the previous election and their yet-to-be-announced endorsement for the 2024 election. The meeting signifies the union’s willingness to engage with different political figures and highlights the importance of their support in the upcoming election.

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