Trevor Bauer wants back in the majors but does MLB want him?

Toxic ex-MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer, who sued Deadspin and lost, is hoping to find another opportunity in the major leagues. Despite facing serious allegations of assault and violating MLB’s policy against sexual assault and domestic violence, Bauer is actively seeking a return to the sport.

In a recent interview with America’s Newsroom host Bill Hemmer, Bauer appeared sympathetic and admitted to making mistakes. He claimed to have been reckless and engaged in behaviors he shouldn’t have. Bauer also stated that he is making changes in his life, including no longer participating in casual sexual relationships.

However, Bauer’s history is well-documented. He was accused of choking a woman unconscious, punching her in the head, and sodomizing her without consent. While he denies these allegations and was never arrested or charged with a crime, he was suspended by MLB for violating the league’s policy. Bauer eventually settled with the woman and went on to pitch in Japan for the Yokohama DeNA Bay Stars.

Now, Bauer is hoping that MLB teams will give him another chance. He claims that his agents have spoken to several teams, but no contract or spring training invite has materialized yet. Bauer expressed his desire to play baseball in the United States again and stated that he would love a second opportunity to do things better.

However, it’s important to note that Bauer’s character has been called into question. He has been described as a terrible human being and an awful teammate. His behavior and actions have raised concerns about his suitability for a professional sports environment.

Bauer also mentioned that he still has an outstanding lawsuit against him, which he believes he will win. He admitted to being immature in how he handled media coverage and expressed regret for his past behavior. Bauer sued Deadspin over statements made in an article about a temporary restraining order sought by a woman after a sexual encounter with Bauer. However, the court dismissed his claims, stating that the accusations against him were significant enough to render the statements unchanged.

It remains to be seen whether any MLB team will be willing to take a chance on Trevor Bauer. While he may be hoping for a second chance, his troubled past and the seriousness of the allegations against him may make it difficult for teams to justify giving him another opportunity. The decision ultimately lies in the hands of the teams and MLB, who will need to carefully consider the implications of signing a player with Bauer’s history.

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