Tourism WA Charts Course for $25 Billion Visitor Economy by 2033 with WAVES Strategy

Tourism Western Australia (Tourism WA) has unveiled an ambitious plan to drive the state’s visitor economy to reach $25 billion by 2033. The plan, called the WAVES Strategy, aims to attract more visitors to Western Australia and boost the tourism industry’s contribution to the state’s economy.

The WAVES Strategy stands for: Welcoming, Authentic, Vibrant, Extraordinary, and Sustainable. These five pillars will guide Tourism WA in its efforts to grow the tourism industry and create a memorable and sustainable visitor experience in Western Australia.

Welcoming: The strategy aims to make visitors feel welcome in Western Australia by providing excellent customer service, infrastructure, and amenities. This includes improving accessibility and connectivity to key tourism destinations, as well as enhancing the overall visitor experience.

Authentic: Tourism WA will focus on promoting the authentic and unique experiences that Western Australia has to offer, such as its stunning natural landscapes, rich Indigenous culture, and vibrant arts and food scenes. By highlighting these authentic experiences, Tourism WA hopes to attract more visitors who are seeking a genuine and memorable travel experience.

Vibrant: The strategy aims to make Western Australia a vibrant and dynamic tourism destination by supporting events, festivals, and cultural activities that showcase the state’s diverse heritage and creativity. By promoting these vibrant experiences, Tourism WA hopes to attract visitors who are looking for exciting and unique travel opportunities.

Extraordinary: Tourism WA will focus on promoting the extraordinary attractions and experiences that set Western Australia apart from other destinations. This includes highlighting the state’s world-class wineries, pristine beaches, iconic landmarks, and unique wildlife encounters. By showcasing these extraordinary experiences, Tourism WA hopes to attract visitors who are seeking something truly special and unforgettable.

Sustainable: The WAVES Strategy also emphasizes the importance of sustainability in the tourism industry. Tourism WA will work to minimize the environmental impact of tourism activities, support local communities, and preserve the state’s natural and cultural heritage for future generations. By promoting sustainable practices, Tourism WA hopes to attract visitors who are conscious of their impact on the environment and want to support responsible tourism initiatives.

Overall, the WAVES Strategy represents a bold and comprehensive approach to growing Western Australia’s tourism industry and creating a lasting impact on the state’s economy. By focusing on the five pillars of Welcoming, Authentic, Vibrant, Extraordinary, and Sustainable, Tourism WA aims to chart a course towards a $25 billion visitor economy by 2033, positioning Western Australia as a world-class tourism destination.

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