Tourism Australia unveils new business events dashboard and celebrates economic contributions

Tourism Australia has recently unveiled a new business events dashboard, showcasing the economic contributions of the country’s thriving business events sector. The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, highlighting key statistics and data to showcase the impact of business events on Australia’s economy.

The dashboard features information on the number of business events held in Australia, the economic benefits generated by these events, and the industries that are most heavily impacted by business events. It also includes insights into the number of international visitors attending business events, the total expenditure generated by these visitors, and the jobs created as a result of the industry.

According to Tourism Australia, the business events sector is a significant contributor to the Australian economy, generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. In fact, research conducted by the organisation shows that for every dollar spent on business events, $21 is generated in economic return.

Tourism Australia’s Managing Director, Phillipa Harrison, highlighted the importance of the business events sector in driving economic growth and job creation in Australia. She stated, “The business events sector plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and creating jobs in Australia. It is a key driver of tourism expenditure, attracting high-spending international visitors and supporting a wide range of industries across the country.”

The unveiling of the new business events dashboard comes at a time when the industry is facing significant challenges due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, Tourism Australia remains optimistic about the future of the business events sector, with plans to invest in marketing campaigns and initiatives to promote Australia as a premier business events destination.

In addition to showcasing the economic contributions of the business events sector, Tourism Australia also used the unveiling of the dashboard to celebrate the industry’s resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the industry has continued to innovate and pivot to virtual and hybrid events, ensuring that business events can still take place safely and effectively.

Overall, the unveiling of the new business events dashboard serves as a testament to the importance of the business events sector in Australia’s economy. As the industry continues to recover and rebuild in the wake of the pandemic, Tourism Australia remains committed to supporting and promoting the sector, ensuring that it remains a key driver of economic growth and prosperity in the country.

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