Todd and Julie Chrisley Sell Brentwood, Tennessee Home For $5.2 Million

is a HTML element that is used to create a division or section in a webpage. It is a container that allows you to group and organize content within your HTML document.

In the given article, the

element is used multiple times to structure and present different sections of information. Let’s take a closer look at each section:

1. Image Block:
– The first

contains an image of Todd and Julie Chrisley’s Tennessee mansion that they sold.
– The image is displayed using the tag and its source is specified in the “src” attribute.
– The tag wraps the image and provides a link to view the image in a lightbox preview.

2. Text Blocks:
– There are multiple

elements with class names starting with “canvas-text-block”.
– These sections contain paragraphs of text that provide information about the Chrisleys’ real estate sale, the features of their former property, and their legal troubles.

3. YouTube Video Block:
– The

element with class name “canvas-youtube-video-block” contains a YouTube video that is not visible in the provided code snippet.

4. Another Image Block:
– Similar to the first image block, this

contains another image related to the Chrisleys.
– It is displayed using the tag and has a different source.

5. Gallery Block:
– The

element with class name “canvas-gallery-block” is empty in the given code snippet, so no content is displayed.

6. Last Text Block:
– The final

element contains a short paragraph of text expressing a comparison to losing in Monopoly.


element, along with other HTML tags, is essential for structuring and presenting content on a webpage. It allows developers to group related elements together and apply styling or functionality to them as a whole.

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