TIME Person Of The Year 2023 Nominees: Taylor Swift, Sam Altman, Barbie And… Vladimir Putin – AMC Enter Hldgs (NYSE:AMC), Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE:LYV)

Since 1927, TIME magazine has been awarding the annual title of TIME Person of the Year to an individual or group that has had the most influence on the world in the previous year. With the announcement of this year’s shortlist, there are several potential candidates who could win the honors for 2023, but their controversial backgrounds may ruffle some feathers.

One of the candidates on the shortlist is the Hollywood Strikers. In 2023, both actors and writers in Hollywood went on strike simultaneously for the first time in over six decades. They were fighting for a new contract that included clarity on the use of artificial intelligence by media companies and royalties from streaming deals. This strike garnered significant attention and could potentially make the Hollywood Strikers a strong contender for the title.

Another candidate is Xi Jinping, the president of China. Jinping is currently in his third term and is considered one of the most powerful leaders in the world. However, his controversial relations with the U.S. and international relations with Taiwan may hinder his chances of winning the award. Jinping has been on the Time 100 list multiple times and was the runner-up for the 2017 Person of the Year award.

Musician Taylor Swift is also on the shortlist. She has been one of the most talked-about people in 2023 and was named the most streamed artist of the year on Spotify. Her record-breaking Eras Tour caused a huge demand for tickets, leading to a storyline for the ticket-selling website Ticketmaster’s parent company, Live Nation Entertainment. Swift’s success in both music and film could make her a strong contender for the title.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, is another candidate on the shortlist. Altman and his company have been making headlines due to their advancements in artificial intelligence. OpenAI received $10 billion in funding from Microsoft and sparked increased interest in this field. Altman’s contributions to the world of technology and AI could make him a potential winner.

The inclusion of Donald Trump Prosecutors on the shortlist could also be controversial. As the first president in history to face federal charges, Trump has been charged in four cases with over 90 charges against him. These charges range from classified documents to election interference and business records. The ongoing legal battles surrounding Trump’s presidency may make him a polarizing candidate for the title.

Barbie, the iconic toy brand owned by Mattel Inc, made waves in 2023 with a movie adaptation that broke records. The movie grossed over a billion dollars worldwide and ranked as the top movie for the year. Barbie’s success on the big screen could make her a surprising contender for the title.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, who previously won the Person of the Year award in 2007, is also on the shortlist. However, given his current role in the invasion of Ukraine, his inclusion may spark controversy. The rebellion by the Wagner group in Ukraine showcased Putin’s influence in the country and the European region.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II saw Charles ascend to the throne in the U.K., making King Charles III a potential candidate for the title. As the new head of the Royal Family after 70 years of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, his role in the monarchy could make him a strong contender.

Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, is a key figure in the world of finance. With issues such as high inflation, Powell has been closely monitored. His influence in the financial world could make him a potential candidate for the title.

The winner of the TIME Person of the Year 2023 will be announced on Wednesday morning. The inclusion of controversial figures like Putin and Jinping, as well as the Trump prosecutors, may stir up debate. However, TIME’s selection is based on the person who had the most influence in the previous year, regardless of whether it was for good or bad reasons.

Throughout its history, TIME has named several controversial figures as the Person of the Year, including Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. The magazine also introduced subset categories such as Entertainer of the Year and Athlete of the Year in 2019. It has included almost every U.S. president as the Person of the Year, with a few exceptions. Business leaders like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos have also won the title, while Steve Jobs notably missed out on the honor.

The announcement of the TIME Person of the Year is always highly anticipated, and this year’s shortlist is sure to generate discussions and debates.

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