These college football players took ‘stay in school’ very literally

The college football landscape is no stranger to players who spend an extended amount of time in school. From injuries to transfers, there are various reasons why some athletes find themselves playing for multiple teams over several years. Recently, two quarterbacks have made headlines for joining their fourth school in seven years, showcasing the unique journeys that some players take to reach their goals.

One of these quarterbacks is Casey Thompson, who recently committed to the University of Oklahoma. Thompson began his college football career at the University of Texas before transferring to the University of Nebraska and then to Florida Atlantic University (FAU). After playing at FAU as a grad student last season, Thompson was granted another year of eligibility by the NCAA due to a torn ACL. Now, at the age of 25, he will suit up for the Sooners and embark on his fourth college football journey.

Thompson’s story is not uncommon in the world of college football. Players often transfer for various reasons, such as seeking more playing time or finding a better fit for their skills. In Thompson’s case, he has been able to navigate the challenges of transferring and find new opportunities to continue his football career.

But Thompson’s journey is not the most remarkable one in recent memory. University of Miami tight end Cam McCormick is petitioning for a ninth year of eligibility due to being sidelined with an ankle injury for three years. McCormick’s perseverance and determination to return to the field is admirable, as he continues to fight for the chance to play the game he loves.

Another notable example is Northern Illinois linebacker Kyle Pugh, who recently completed his eighth year of college football. Pugh’s journey has been filled with setbacks, including injuries and the COVID-19 pandemic. His eight-year tenure is thought to be the longest ever for an FBS player, according to the NCAA.

These stories highlight the resilience and passion that college football players possess. Despite facing numerous obstacles and setbacks, these athletes continue to pursue their dreams and contribute to their teams on the field.

While it may seem unusual for players to spend such a long time in college, it is important to remember that everyone’s path is different. Some players may need more time to develop their skills, while others may face unforeseen challenges that delay their progress. Regardless of the circumstances, these players’ dedication to the sport and their commitment to improving is commendable.

As fans, we should appreciate the unique journeys of these athletes and the determination they demonstrate. Whether it’s Casey Thompson’s fourth school in seven years or Cam McCormick’s fight for a ninth year of eligibility, these players exemplify the resilience and passion that make college football such a beloved sport.

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