The Lakers would be crazy not to trade for Zach LaVine

The rumor mill has been buzzing with talks of a potential trade involving Zach LaVine and the Los Angeles Lakers. However, ESPN insiders are now reporting that there is no chance of LaVine being traded to the Lakers. The Chicago Bulls have had issues with LaVine dating back to last season, and it seems they are ready to part ways with him.

On NBA Today, Brian Windhorst stated that if the Bulls had the opportunity to trade LaVine, they would do so in a heartbeat, and LaVine would be more than willing to go. Wosny Lambre also expressed on The Ringer NBA Show that the Bulls have had enough of LaVine. Despite these reports, Windhorst later mentioned on the Hoop Collective podcast that he believes there is a “zero percent chance” of the Lakers pursuing LaVine.

Dave McMenamin further supported this sentiment, stating that a trade for LaVine is “not happening” for the Lakers. Instead, the Lakers are reportedly looking for help at the point guard position, with players like Tyus Jones and Colin Sexton being potential options.

Jones, in particular, would be a good fit for the Lakers. General Manager Rob Pelinka has been making sensible moves since the 2023 trade deadline, and acquiring Rui Hachimura through a trade was a game-changer for the Lakers. Hachimura’s length and shooting ability greatly improved the Lakers’ defense during the playoffs.

However, Hachimura’s injury concerns and offensive limitations have become apparent this season. D’Angelo Russell, who was acquired last year, was expected to be the team’s secondary offensive option, but his playing time was significantly reduced during the playoffs. Although Russell’s contract is expiring, the Lakers still have talent to offer in a potential trade.

To acquire LaVine, the Lakers could consider including Austin Reaves in a trade package. While Reaves has shown improvement since being drafted, he is not strong enough offensively to be the Lakers’ second on-ball option. His defense has also regressed this season.

Adding LaVine’s high salary to the Lakers’ books would not be ideal, but it would be a better move than the ill-fated trade for Russell Westbrook. LaVine’s scoring ability and threat from anywhere on the floor would take pressure off LeBron James and give Anthony Davis better looks in crunch time.

A potential trade package could include Russell’s expiring contract, Reaves’ extension, Gabe Vincent, and a second-round pick or two. This would be a good haul for the Bulls, allowing them to clear cap space and start fresh with Reaves and Coby White. The Lakers, on the other hand, would have to handle LaVine’s hefty salary for the 2024-25 season.

While there may be other offers on the table for the Bulls and other point guard options for the Lakers, it is surprising that both teams are not at least discussing a potential deal. LaVine would provide the Lakers with exactly what they need, and his current situation with the Bulls suggests that a trade might be beneficial for both parties.

With LaVine on the floor, the Lakers could also give more minutes to players like Jarred Vanderbilt, improving both their offense and defense. In a competitive Western Conference, a trio of LaVine, James, and Davis would be a formidable threat to all opponents in the playoffs.

In conclusion, although insiders are saying that a trade involving Zach LaVine to the Los Angeles Lakers is highly unlikely, it is still worth considering. The Lakers could use a player like LaVine, and his current situation with the Bulls suggests that a trade might be beneficial for both teams. It remains to be seen whether the Bulls and Lakers will engage in discussions regarding a potential deal.

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