The Jags need to keep an injured Trevor Lawrence on the bench

Trevor Lawrence’s injury is apparently not as bad as it looked on Monday night. The Jacksonville Jaguars’ quarterback has been diagnosed with a high ankle sprain, and head coach Doug Pederson said on Tuesday that Lawrence has not yet been ruled out for Sunday’s game.

An ankle sprain is a painful injury that can sideline professional athletes for weeks. In the case of a high ankle sprain, the recovery time can be even longer. However, Lawrence may feel pressured to return to the field quickly after seeing Patrick Mahomes play through a similar injury last season.

During a Divisional Round matchup against the Jaguars, Mahomes suffered a high ankle sprain but continued to play. However, his performance was affected, and the Kansas City Chiefs struggled to maintain their momentum. The Chiefs ultimately won the game, but it was clear that Mahomes was not at his best.

In subsequent games, Mahomes continued to play through the injury, including in the AFC Championship game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Despite not being 100 percent, he helped lead the Chiefs to victory and ultimately won the Super Bowl. His determination and resilience set a high standard for championship quarterbacks.

With the Jaguars facing tough opponents in the coming weeks, including the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens, Lawrence’s presence on the field would be crucial. However, it’s important for Lawrence to prioritize his long-term health. The Jaguars’ offensive line is already dealing with injuries, and putting an injured Lawrence in harm’s way could lead to further complications.

Lawrence should not let the memory of Mahomes’ heroic performance sway his decision. Instead, he should focus on his own recovery and take the necessary time to heal. The Jaguars are in a tight playoff race, and it would be more beneficial for Lawrence to rest and return to the field when he is fully healthy.

In conclusion, Trevor Lawrence’s high ankle sprain may not be as severe as initially feared. While there may be pressure for him to play through the injury, it is important for him to prioritize his long-term health and not let the memory of Mahomes’ performance influence his decision. The Jaguars will benefit more from a fully healthy Lawrence in the long run.

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