Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo Arrested For DUI and Domestic Violence

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The article discusses the recent allegations against Dean DeLeo, the guitarist for the rock band Stone Temple Pilots. According to the article, Dean is accused of getting violent with his wife, Jenn DeLeo, during a dispute that resulted in his arrest for felony domestic violence. The article includes multiple sections, each containing text and images related to the incident.

The first section includes an image of Dean DeLeo, followed by a section of text describing the allegations against him. The article then continues with additional sections discussing the events that unfolded, including Dean’s arrest for DUI and the subsequent domestic violence report filed by Jenn. The article also mentions that Dean violated an emergency protection order and turned himself in for that violation.

The article concludes with information about Jenn previously filing for divorce in 2018, citing Dean’s alleged abusive behavior. It also includes another image of Dean and mentions that he looks forward to addressing the allegations at the appropriate time.

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