Steve Kerr has it all wrong about Draymond Green’s return

One chapter in the Draymond Green saga is closing and a new one is beginning. After being reinstated by the NBA, Green has returned to the Golden State Warriors’ facility. He had been away from the team for more than three weeks and is currently working to ramp himself up for game activity.

Green’s recent suspension and time away from the team highlight a recurring issue in his career – his on-court behavior. Over the past year, Green has been involved in multiple altercations and has faced suspensions for his actions. From putting his arm around Rudy Gobert’s neck to punching Jusuf Nurkić, Green’s physical altercations with other players have become a cause for concern.

While it is clear that Green’s physical aggression needs to be addressed, it is important to note that Steve Kerr’s expectations for him might be too high, too soon. Kerr recently stated that the Warriors expect Green to “leave the officials alone.” However, it is important to remember that Green’s suspension was not a result of him yelling at referees, but rather for repeatedly striking players on the court.

Green’s tendency to let his limbs fly wildly has always been a problem, and it is something he needs to address. However, expecting him to completely change his behavior and stop complaining about calls might be unrealistic. Players and coaches complaining about calls is a common sight in the NBA, and Green is simply louder and more expressive about it.

Instead of focusing on Green’s complaints towards officials, the Warriors should prioritize addressing his physical altercations with other players. Green needs to learn to control his aggression and keep his hands to himself while playing with his peers. If he needs to blow off steam by shouting at a ref, the Warriors might just have to accept that as a part of his personality.

Green has shown contrition for his actions and has even sought therapy to address his behavior. He understands that another bad incident could put the rest of his season in jeopardy. However, it will take time for him to prove that he can keep his cool on the court and avoid physical altercations.

While Green’s antics might bother some, they also add excitement and intensity to the game. Players like Green give the NBA an extra edge and make the games more entertaining. However, there is a line that cannot be crossed, and Green needs to learn to stay on the right side of it.

In the meantime, it is important for Kerr and the Warriors to focus on Green’s physical altercations and ensure that he keeps his hands to himself. Expecting him to completely change his behavior overnight is unrealistic. Green needs time to work on his temper and understand that referees are there to make fair calls.

Ultimately, Green’s return to the Warriors’ facility marks a new beginning for him. It is a chance for him to prove that he can control his aggression and be a valuable asset to the team without crossing the line. While Kerr’s expectations might be too high for now, Green can use this opportunity to learn and grow, both as a player and as a person.

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