Stephen A. says he ‘hates’ Jason Whitlock, calls him ‘devil’

The Month of January: Celebrities Verbally Going Upside the Heads

Festivus, a holiday made popular by the television show Seinfeld, has apparently been moved from its traditional date of December 23rd to the entire month of January. At least, that’s the only explanation I have for why so many celebrities have begun the year by verbally going upside the heads of those whom they dislike.

First up was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who started the party with a low blow to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel. This grievance was aired on the Pat McAfee Show, where Rodgers expressed his disdain for Kimmel. Not one to back down, McAfee himself went after a long-tenured ESPN executive, calling out suits on his show. It’s worth noting that McAfee’s program has only been on the network for a few months, yet he’s already calling out the higher-ups.

But the verbal assaults didn’t stop there. Comedian Katt Williams joined the party with a nearly three-hour tirade on the Club Shay Shay podcast. Williams brought a grill from a Korean Barbecue restaurant and put comedians he has a problem with on it, allowing the audience to watch them sizzle. It was a fiery display of grievances.

And then there’s Stephen A. Smith. The ESPN personality has been making thinly veiled references to Jason Whitlock, a former ESPN employee, as a “no good, fat bastard.” Smith finally reached his breaking point and declared that he was going to unleash his fury on Whitlock. And boy, did he deliver. Smith went off on Whitlock with vulgar vengeance and furious anger, leaving no doubt about his feelings towards him.

It’s not uncommon for people to dislike others, but the intensity of these verbal attacks is noteworthy. Smith’s hatred for Whitlock seems to go beyond dislike, reaching a level of loathing that is rarely seen. It’s a reminder that even grownups are capable of behaving awfully.

If this is any indication of what the rest of the year has in store, we’re in for a wild ride. It’s like watching a real-life version of the Real Housewives, except these men are appearing even more emotional. Maybe they should all go to dinner together every week and pair off in small cliques, only to turn on each other later in the season. It would make for one explosive season finale.

But let’s not forget that there is a presidential election this year, with Donald Trump running for re-election. Perhaps we should save our energy for that and enjoy the spectacle of celebrities verbally going upside each other’s heads from the comfort of our living rooms. After all, it’s all fun and games until they’re fighting to see who has their hand on the button.

So, as we navigate through this month of verbal clashes, let’s raise a glass and enjoy the show. Whether it’s cabernet and a charcuterie board or scotch, a Black & Mild, and a pizza, let’s sit back and watch the fireworks. Happy Festivus, everybody!

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