Soulja Boy’s Baby Mama Seeing Doctors, Prescribed Anxiety Meds After Suing Blueface

Soulja Boy’s baby mama, Jackilyn Martinez, is reportedly suffering from extreme emotional distress due to her defamation lawsuit against rapper Blueface. According to her lawyers, Martinez has been seeking medical help, including therapy and medication, to cope with anxiety and insomnia caused by the ongoing legal battle.

The lawsuit was filed after Blueface made statements suggesting that he had a sexual relationship with Martinez the day before her baby shower with Soulja Boy. Martinez claims that these statements have not only caused emotional distress but also led to threats from Blueface’s fans.

The situation has also strained the relationship between Martinez and Soulja Boy, with minimal communication between the two. The ongoing social media attacks from Blueface have further fueled discord between Martinez and Soulja Boy, affecting their co-parenting.

Martinez’s legal team has stated that she has disabled messages on social media after receiving death threats from Blueface’s fans. The lawsuit was served to Blueface during a meet and greet event, and Martinez’s lawyers claim that the rapper was aware of the legal action against him.

This drama-filled situation continues to unfold, with both sides presenting their arguments in court. Martinez’s emotional well-being remains a concern, as she seeks support to navigate the challenges caused by the defamation lawsuit.

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