Sofia Vergara Gets Restraining Order, Claims ‘Unstable Stalker’ Harassing Her

Sofia Vergara Receives Court-Ordered Protection from Stalker

Sofia Vergara, the well-known actress and model, has recently obtained court-ordered protection for herself and her son from a man who she claims has been relentlessly stalking her. What makes this situation even more alarming is that the man in question, Gregory Brown, was recently released from jail and is currently on parole for committing the same crime in the past.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, Vergara describes Brown as a “mentally unstable stalker” who has a delusional belief that he personally knows her and has a relationship with her and her family, including her 32-year-old son, Manolo.

Vergara states that Brown’s aggressive and harassing conduct has caused her fear for her safety and has resulted in anxiety and emotional distress. Despite being previously jailed for trespassing and vandalism at her property earlier this year, Brown remains undeterred in his pursuit of her.

The actress further claims that Brown has made multiple attempts to gain access to her and her son, including illegally entering their gated community by hiking from the hills in July 2023. In November, he even sent her a disturbing letter, in which he wrote that he will be seeing and hearing from her very soon, signing off as “Gangsta.”

To address this serious issue, the judge has granted Vergara a temporary restraining order against Brown. The order requires him to stay at least 100 yards away from her and her son and prohibits any form of contact with them.

Vergara’s concerns about her safety are heightened due to Brown’s previous arrests for various violent offenses. The restraining order aims to provide her and her son with some peace of mind and protection.

Stalking is a serious crime that can have severe psychological and emotional effects on victims. It is crucial for individuals facing similar situations to take necessary legal steps to ensure their safety. In Vergara’s case, the court’s intervention has provided her with some relief, but the ongoing threat posed by her stalker remains a concern.

It is essential for law enforcement agencies and the justice system to take stalking cases seriously and provide appropriate protection and support to victims. Stalking laws should also be strengthened to ensure that individuals like Sofia Vergara can live their lives without fear and harassment.

As for now, Vergara can find solace in the court’s decision to grant her a temporary restraining order. Hopefully, this legal action will deter Brown from further pursuing his obsession with the actress and her family.

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