Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary Outraged Over Fine Against Donald Trump In NY Civil Fraud Case: ‘It’s Appalling. It’s Unjust … It’s Un-American’

Kevin O’Leary Condemns New York Court’s Ruling Against Donald Trump

Kevin O’Leary, known for his role on “Shark Tank,” strongly criticized a recent ruling by a New York court that fined former President Donald Trump $355 million. The judgment, delivered by Justice Arthur Engoron, also temporarily prohibited Trump from engaging in business activities within New York.

O’Leary condemned the decision as “unjust,” “appalling,” and “un-American,” expressing concerns about the precedent it could set for the real estate sector. He questioned the basis of the judgment, particularly in light of the common practice among developers to seek the highest possible valuation for their properties.

The entrepreneur and businessman expressed skepticism about the outcome of the fraud case, stating that he doubted the ruling would hold up under appeal. He predicted that the decision would likely be overturned on appeal and emphasized the negative consequences it could have on American business practices.

O’Leary also criticized the broader implications of the ruling, suggesting that it could lead to an exodus of businesses from New York, which he referred to as “a loser state” in light of the decision. The ruling also affected Trump’s two eldest sons, imposing a two-year ban on their business activities in New York and fining them $4 million each.

Trump has denounced the judgment as an “election interference witch hunt,” framing it as a politically motivated attack on him during the election cycle. O’Leary’s strong condemnation of the ruling highlights the divisive nature of the case and its potential impact on the business community in New York.

In conclusion, O’Leary’s vocal criticism of the court’s ruling against Trump underscores the ongoing controversy surrounding the former president’s legal troubles and the implications for the broader business community. The outcome of the case remains uncertain, but O’Leary’s perspective sheds light on the complex dynamics at play in this high-profile legal battle.

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