Shannen Doherty’s Ex, Kurt Iswarienko, Denies Affair, But She Vows ‘Truth Matters’

Shannen Doherty and her estranged husband, Kurt Iswarienko, are at odds over the details surrounding their split. In a recent episode of her podcast, “Let’s Be Clear,” Doherty claimed that she had surgery to remove a brain tumor shortly after discovering Iswarienko’s two-year affair, which she said led to the end of their 11-year marriage. However, sources close to Iswarienko are disputing Doherty’s account, stating that the couple had been living separate lives for two years prior to her surgery.

According to these sources, Iswarienko had been upfront with Doherty about starting a new relationship while they were living in different states. They assert that Iswarienko informed Doherty about his new partner just after New Year’s in 2023. A few days later, Doherty suffered a fall and was sent for an MRI, which revealed her brain tumor. She subsequently underwent surgery.

Doherty, however, is doubling down on her version of events. She took to Instagram to call Iswarienko’s account “an absolute lie” and accused people connected to him of trying to distort the truth. She maintains that she learned about the affair before her surgery and felt betrayed.

While Iswarienko had been living in Texas, and Doherty in California, when the tumor was discovered, he flew back to be by her side during doctor appointments. However, Doherty allegedly told him on the morning of the surgery that she did not want him there. Iswarienko’s sources claim that Doherty’s portrayal of him sneaking around behind her back is inaccurate, but they acknowledge that the timing of the revelations was unfortunate.

Doherty filed for divorce in April, with her representative stating that it was the last resort for her. Iswarienko’s new partner, Collier Grimm, was the person he revealed to Doherty, and they are reportedly still together. Doherty and Iswarienko got married in 2011, and she was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. Iswarienko was there for her throughout her treatment, but their marriage began to falter by late 2020, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Iswarienko attempted to remain a part of Doherty’s life by renting homes in her area from January to July 2021, but when they couldn’t reconcile, he moved to Austin and met Grimm.

Doherty insists that the truth matters and promises to share more about Iswarienko and his alleged affair. The conflicting narratives surrounding their split highlight the complexities and differing perspectives that often arise in divorce cases. It remains to be seen how their story will unfold and what impact it will have on their ongoing divorce proceedings.

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