Selena Gomez Appears to Discuss Kylie & Timothée with Taylor Swift at Globes

In a recent video captured at the Golden Globes, Selena Gomez was seen having a conversation with her close friend Taylor Swift. Internet sleuths and amateur lip-readers have been speculating about what the two were discussing, with many believing that they were talking about Kylie Jenner.

The video shows Selena approaching Taylor’s table and whispering something into her ear. She then proceeds to mouth something to Taylor, who appears shocked by what she hears. The friend sitting next to Taylor can be heard saying “Timothée,” to which Selena nods emphatically.

This interaction has sparked a lot of speculation among fans. Some believe that Selena was talking about wanting to take a picture with Timothée Chalamet, while others think that she may have been discussing a potential romantic connection between Kylie Jenner and Timothée.

It’s worth noting that both Kylie Jenner and Timothée Chalamet were also present at the Golden Globes and were seen getting cozy throughout the show. The fact that Selena may have approached Taylor to discuss this suggests that there may be some history or tension between Selena and Kylie.

However, it’s important to take these speculations with a grain of salt. The video circulating online does not provide clear audio, and there could be multiple interpretations of what was actually said. It’s also unclear when exactly this conversation took place and whether Timothée was present during the interaction.

Selena and Kylie have had a somewhat rocky relationship in the past, as have Selena and Hailey Bieber. However, both parties have tried to address and resolve any conflicts that may have arisen between them.

As for Selena and Timothée, they have worked together in the past as love interests in a movie. It’s not surprising that Selena would want to say hi and maybe even take a picture with him. The exact details of how this conversation unfolded and whether it happened in Timothée’s presence are still unknown.

In the end, this incident has fueled speculation and gossip on social media. Fans are eagerly discussing the possibilities and sharing their thoughts on the matter. It’s just the latest drama for Selena Gomez, who seems to constantly find herself at the center of attention.

While it’s always interesting to speculate about celebrity interactions, it’s important to remember that we don’t have all the facts. It’s best to wait for any official statements or further evidence before drawing any conclusions. Until then, fans will continue to dissect and analyze every little detail of this intriguing conversation.

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