Sean McDermott’s time in Buffalo might be running out

The Buffalo Bills have certainly been a huge disappointment in the NFL this season. With high expectations as a Super Bowl contender, they find themselves struggling to stay alive in the wild-card race. Another loss on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles only added to their woes.

One of the main factors contributing to the Bills’ downfall has been their coach, Sean McDermott. His late-game decisions and lack of discipline have cost them crucial wins. If McDermott doesn’t turn things around soon, his time as the Bills’ head coach may come to an end sooner than expected.

The Bills currently have a 6-6 record and were surpassed by the Denver Broncos in the standings. They now sit half a game behind the Broncos in the AFC wild-card race. Considering their performance in the past two months, it’s highly likely that Buffalo will miss the playoffs. After starting the season with a 3-1 record, they have gone 3-5 in October and November.

Unfortunately for the Bills, their rough patch is unlikely to end anytime soon. They have a tough game against the Kansas City Chiefs coming up after their bye week. While the players, including quarterback Josh Allen, have their share of faults, the blame ultimately falls on McDermott as the head coach. The team has come across as undisciplined and lacking confidence.

During McDermott’s seven-season tenure, the Bills have gone from being Super Bowl contenders to struggling to keep their heads above water. Their current .500 record keeps them mathematically alive for the playoffs, but a drastic turnaround is needed for them to clean up their act and have a chance at the postseason.

Buffalo lacks confidence and chemistry at the moment. Whether it’s the coach giving up on them or other factors, something needs to change quickly. Realistically, their playoff chances are slim, especially if they fall to 6-7 against the Chiefs. The most obvious change for the long term would be replacing McDermott as the head coach.

There has been speculation about Allen being traded, but it’s unlikely to happen anytime soon. Bringing in an offensive coach and staff to work with Allen on reducing turnovers could help him regain his status as one of the league’s top quarterbacks. However, McDermott’s return next year is contingent on the Bills running the table and making noise in the playoffs.

If the Bills aren’t seriously considering their options, it’s a sign that the organization isn’t prioritizing winning. On paper, this team is too talented to be sitting in 10th place in the AFC. McDermott’s time as the head coach is running out, and it’s likely that he’ll soon be packing up his office in preparation for his exit from the Bills’ facility.

In conclusion, the Buffalo Bills’ disappointing season can be attributed to a combination of poor late-game decisions, lack of discipline, and a struggling head coach. While there is still a slim chance of making the playoffs, significant changes will be needed for the Bills to turn things around.

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