Sam Altman Reveals His Go-To App — And, Surprisingly, It’s Not ChatGPT

Slack is the Go-To App for OpenAI CEO Sam Altman

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, recently revealed that his go-to app for daily communications is Slack, not ChatGPT. This surprising revelation came during a podcast episode of “Unconfuse Me” with Bill Gates. Altman discussed his digital habits and the apps he relies on most.

Despite leading the company behind the AI sensation ChatGPT, Altman humorously remarked that he wishes he could say ChatGPT is his top app. However, it seems that Slack takes the crown in terms of daily usage for Altman. Following Slack, Altman also mentioned iMessage as another frequently used app.

This choice of Slack as the preferred app is notable, especially considering that OpenAI, despite its substantial $10 billion investment from Microsoft Corp., has opted to use Google Meet over Microsoft Teams for meetings. It appears that Altman’s personal preference for Slack does not align with the company’s choice for video conferencing.

In the podcast episode, Gates, the founder of Microsoft, also shared his own app favorites. He named Outlook and web browsers as his top tools, showcasing a preference for more traditional digital communication methods.

The conversation between Altman and Gates also delved into the realm of AI’s rapid evolution and its implications for society. Altman expressed concerns about the swift pace at which individuals and job markets must adapt to AI advancements. He highlighted that each technological revolution has been faster than the previous ones, and AI is set to be the fastest yet. This speed of change raises concerns about how society and the labor market will have to adapt.

Reflecting on his brief departure from OpenAI, Altman described the episode as a significant growth moment for the company. Although there was initially pushback from Microsoft and OpenAI staff, the incident marked a turning point and led to a more focused and optimistic outlook for OpenAI’s future.

Altman’s preference for Slack as his go-to app may come as a surprise to some, given his involvement with ChatGPT. However, it highlights the personal choices and habits of even the leaders in the AI industry. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, it will be interesting to see how these preferences and habits evolve alongside it.

Overall, Altman’s choice of Slack as his top app showcases the diverse range of tools and platforms that individuals in the tech industry rely on for their daily communications. It also serves as a reminder that despite being at the forefront of AI development, personal preferences and habits still play a significant role in determining which apps are favored by industry leaders.

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